Person's Name : Jessie

Establishment : Bankstown

Month/Year of Visit : 30th November 2022

Contact Details/Address/Weblink :

Phone : 0480 295 558

Hours of Business : By appointment

Rates : 60min $300

Extras Cost : Asked for DFK; said no

Services Provided This Session : FS

Age : Ad said 27 but in reality she was 29

Size/shape : Short, average face, mombod, DD cup, areola were a bit too big for my liking, not shaved.

Pretty, quite short, slim with some fine wrinkles around her tummy area, maybe from baby once in her life, B-cups with gorgeous big brown areola, cute little butt, shaved? too excited to notice. Just wanted to eat her up, tasty looking little morsel.

Nationality or Ethnicity : Thai

Value for money/recommend? : No, my brain said I was getting the ripped off, but my cock said fuck her

My experience/comments : Okay, I don't want to offend her but personally I should have just walked away even if it was rude of me.

Checked out my local brothel, waited 10 min only for them to say they were all booked out. Dejected but it is what it is. Just wanted a good punt, so went on enb, looked at verified profiles near me. I already saw two girls that were bait and switches when I texted them the night before (both had the same address; experienced my first bait and switch at this same address/building, so I wasn't going to take any chances). Contacted her, she accepted, arrived there, and I was befuddled, when you're using enb you either get lucky and get the girl or you get someone similar. Her proportions were the same as the photos, her face made her out in her 30s, her tits were big but sagged a bit, contemplated on just leaving cause I could get an hour service with a girl younger than her for half the price, but I had a raging boner and I was already there so there goes that option.

As usual went to take a shower, calming mini me down, finished, went into the room and saw her wearing lingerie, and boy did it turn me on. She began to kiss my body as I ran my finger down her breasts. They felt soft and natural, began fondling them and in doing so gave myself a boner. Lied down on the bed as she began to touch my penis, and after a few minutes of kissing my body did she put it in her mouth. And God damn, what a treat, kept thinking of buddha and Jesus and how incredibly disappointed they were in what I was doing. After a good few minutes of suction, I got up and was about to go down on her, only to see her jungle; never could I imagine my libido go down so fast. Im not talking neatly trimmed cause if it was that I would be slurping that shit up, but it was just everywhere. Looked at her and then down at her pussy and decided to just fuck her, went missionary, then doggy and came after a few strokes in. On her ad she offered two shots and I was planning to fuck her two times but I got hit by the biggest post nut clarity ever, little fucker decided that it was too pleased to go at it again. Decided the rest of the time to be spent on massage.

PS. Only spent like 30 min when I paid for 60, that's how much of a post nut clarity it gave me. She was a bit too big for my taste and Im deadass a 5'6 underweight dude so um yeah.