Visited Chalai after stumbling upon her attractive pictures on Escorts & babes, I thought WOW she is tidy!,


Location: Belmont Ave, just down the road from Belmont forum

Communication: messaged her that morning for a 12:30pm 30 min FS. She responded within 5 mins. Very brief chat, then said I'll see you soon.

Service: arrived just after 12:30, parked on a side street as driveway looked very 'open' to the public

She greeted me with a smile. Did NOT match the photos, at first I thought she was just the 'madam' directing me to the room. Sadly, she WAS the lady.. Oh dear, I fell for it again...

Her initial appearance did NOT match the photos.

She laid me down on the bed, and began sucking my nipples and giving an HJ. Then, slipped a condom on for CBJ.

By this point, I was turned off and just wanted to cum and get out of there as fast as I could. That's what I did, thrusted hard and fast, dumped my load, got dressed and walked out.

Rating: 3/10. Not worth going to. Photos online don't match the person remotely. She is a big overweight, in mid to late 30's and not all that friendly. She lubbed up her pussy so much it was like water. Don't bother wasting your money, NEXT

Perhaps I'm falling for the 'you get what you pay for' by opting for the cheaper few escorts online. Anyone have any tips for Perth WL that match their photos? Comment below