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Thread: Mayumi new Japanese girl, great service

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    Mayumi new Japanese girl, great service

    Linda sent me message last Friday to inform me a new Japanese girl arrived, I was shocked as there was never Japanese girl in this shop, but Linda never lie to me.
    Went to shop paid money and the girl came in, her name is Mayumi, definitely Japanese, very limited English nearly none, but very smart, from beginning you can tell she is Japanese, waiting outside of shower and holding towel, dry for me and clean up.
    Went to side of bed and started with cuddling and DFK, she will ask if she can kiss you and touch you in Japanese, I can understand what she means.
    Her boobs are hugh at least D cup, buy her figure is great, skinny waist and body. After a while, she lie me down and started cat bath, then BJ, I turned her around and 69.
    I put in one figure as her pussy was dry and small 🙂, after a while she sit on me and did cow girl, then she turned around back facing me which I never tried. She tried to hold me up and did back style while I was half way lying, so good.
    I hold her up and knee down to fuck her from behind, she was moaning "iku iku", definitely Japanese.
    At the end I lybher down and unloaded, she was enjoyed and holding me so tity.
    I took a shower and she offered me massage from head to toe, she must have leaned professional message as it was so good and I do not wanna move for second shoot. She was never rush until even I felt time already over. Dressed up and I tip her as she is the best one so far at 7. Very worthy to give her a try, she used app to chat with me saying she will leave in June.
    Face 8/10
    Service 10/10
    Money worthy oh yeah
    Will go back again, wanna see her every week.

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    Mayumi just back from holiday on every Sunday 10am to 10pm Booking Welcome Top Diamond And Gold Service

    まゆみMayumi (Japanese) 【Sunday 10am to 10pm 】- Highly recommended

    25yo 163cm, 50kg, DD Cup!! She can provide you with the best service ever, never rush any jobs and serve you like a king!! luxurious long black hair down to her waist, her skin is supple, and soft and she makes the perfect companion.

    Mayumi reviews
    Mayumi Reviews
    Mayumi Reviews
    Mayumi Reviews
    Mayumi Reviews
    ​​​7 Cowper
    7 Cowper Street Granville NSW 2142
    Landline: 0426629688 / 0296377922
    Sun to Thur:10am to 12am, Fri & Sat: 10am to 2am
    Special $100 for 30 minutes full service

    Aus99 reviews

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