Some very attractive photos of Tracy caught my attention one afternoon on smoko, nice tattoos and a variety of verified photos. Decided to take a chance, even though her pricing was high for me.

Location: Innaloo apartment complex near Ikea

Communication: messaged her and 20 mins later had a response and booking confirmed

Photos: Accurate (face edited a bit)


Service: shit. read below...

Arrived on time and given instructions up to the apartment. She greeted me at the door wearing a white nighty thing. I could see a glimpse of a tattoo on her leg, so I knew it was the same girl.

I wanted a 1 hour session as I had some time to kill, and her profile was saying all the right things.

Started with a solo shower then into the room.

BBBJ was a bit slow, but thought she might just be getting into the mood, She wasn't. This is her mood, slow and unenthusiastic. Couldn't give a shit about what I wanted. Tried to get her onto her keens with me standing, she obliged but kept on asking me to put a condom on for sex. I'm like "no, we have 1 hour session". Her english is very basic.

Then the sex. What a disaster. She wasn't enjoying it at all, I could tell. She keep saying "ooh, not so fast" for which I obliged but I am paying for this here, sort of what to be the one controlling the shots you know?

Missionary was ok as I could play with her tits. She didn't let me kiss her on the lips at all

Doggy was bad, wasn't allowed deep.

Ended up just busting my load to get it done.

We got talking for a bit and this is when she explained to me that her boss works her hard. I'm here fourth for the day, and it was 3pm in the afternoon... And she has 3 more after me and she's been doing this rate for 3 days so far. She explained to me she is sore because her boss works her too hard and she can't get over it. Made me feel a bit sad for her as she wants to buy an apartment back home in Vietnam and this is the best paying job she can get.

Onto round two and she didn't even let me go inside her. Cannot believe this, paid for a 1 hour 2 cum session as per her ad and she gave me a weak as hell handjob and a BBBJ for round two. I didn't end up cumming as her alarm went off. Strategic me thinks..

I tried explaining to her via translate app whether I could have some money back as I didn't cum twice and she wouldn't let me fuck her on round two. In the end, things were getting a bit tense so I just said fine, got my stuff and left.

i do NOT recommend. Just avoid, don't waste you money.

I'm putting this down as a right off punt.

Pretty girl that is worked too hard sadly. Great potential here that didn't deliver.