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Thread: Miyumi best Japanese girl ever

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    Miyumi best Japanese girl ever

    Finished early today and sent message to Linda to ask for girls I for, got told Miyumi was in the shop, booked her for one hour and head to the shop.
    Paid one hour and started shower, miyumi came into room and waiting for me with towel in her hand, she kneed down and dry me out for my back. Started with cuddle and DFK, I hold he up and put her on bed, start licking her pussy with rubbing her nipples.
    She was so enjoyed, laid down and moaning, after a while we changed position, I laid down and she did cat bath. No teething at all, we changed into 69. Her skill was amazing, no teething at all. Then she jumped into me to do cowgirl, she was doing really hard and never be lazy, hold my hand to her chest and licking my nipples.
    After a while we changed to doggie, her body was so skinny and I can go into really deep, also I can feel her pussy was wet. She enjoyed a lot, talking Japanese and few English word. I changed her around and loaded after hard pump on her, she has been saying inchiban, which means number one in Japanese.
    After shower she gave me really good massage for around 25 minutes, all around my body from left side all the way down to my foot then right side, her service is really worthy as she never be lazy, always working really hard. I have to stop her as I feel she is tired.
    Then she offered me second round which stated with rear cowgirl, her body can fit in any position as small and skinny. After a while I lay her down and bump her really hard until I loaded, took a shower and gave her little tip as award, she appreciated so much.
    She is going back to Japan on 12th June if I am not wrong as she write for me, she can not talk English at all, I am just fussing, but will be back in few days time.
    Best WL ever in 7, a must try for me, this is third time I go to see her, will see her again as much as I can.

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    Mayumi just back from holiday on every Sunday 10am to 10pm Booking Welcome Top Diamond And Gold Service

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