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    I used to be a regular at 387 Canning hwy como, where I first got into punting actually. Amy was my first punt. I decided to venture back to the old & faithful establishment, tucked next to a dentist and in full view of Canning hwy traffic... Now I remember why I only go hear in late on a week night.

    I decided to give Eva a try, something just sort of stood out about her photos.

    Location: 387 Canning Hwy, Como

    Communication: messaged her late in the afternoon, around 5-ish and didn't get a response back for about 30-40 minutes. Locked in a time for later on that same night on a week night

    Photos: Hmm, they aren't of her. Well, not the girl I got at least


    Service: Not great

    The time came and there I was, parked down the side street waiting for passing pedestrians to leave.

    I went to the establishment and was hit with the faint smell of cigarettes, a face full of security cameras and a dimly lit home. Ahhh, its just like how it was years ago...

    Greeted by an elder lady and advised I was here to see Eva, I was directed into a room where I waited alone for around a minutes until older lady came back with a rather chunky women next to her. If it wasn't for a similar a face, I'd have to say it was a MASSIVE catfish. Not the slim and taught girl I was led to believe. Stood before was a chunky, older asian women and a thin even older lady (staff member). Originally I'd wanted 1 hour, but after seeing Eva I just said 30 minutes and exchanged the $$$.

    Off to the shower I went. At this point, I was considering trying to get out of this, get my money back and leave. Considered whether I jut go back home and rub one out. But thought, well maybe she can take a real hard fuck, so I stuck to my guns and cleaned the old fella off. Back into the room we go.

    It took me a while to get hard as I really didn't find this lady attractive in the slightest. Her BJ skills were ok, but nothing to write home about. Passable. I tried to get a BBBJ at no extra cost, but she was quickly to dismiss such a query. boring!

    By now, I just wanted to empty my load and be done with it. She was too big to go on top, so started in missionary and then moved to doggy.

    After 5 minutes of pounding her from behind as hard as I could, she stopped me and said for me to go slower. Excuse me?!?! Not only are you NOT the women in the photos, but you're now telling me what to do??

    I made sure to empty myself as quick as I could, got changed and left. Didn't stay for the whole 30 minutes, didn't get a massage. Not as bad as the last review I did, for Tracy, but this is the second worst punt I've had. I was literally just there to empty my load and go on my way.

    Last time I'll be at 387...

    Good bye

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    Damn mate, sounds like a bit of a run of bad luck recently!

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    My preference

    I have been seeing Eva quite regularly over past 6months and my experience with her is somewhat different. Oh regards to the photo, it may require an update and her present look is not as bad as is described in the thread. And that photo in the ads. Is 100% her though little bit outdated I think. She did put on some weight compared to her look in the photo.

    She gives the best GFE and she puts on her hard efforts regardless. The true charm of Eva comes when you start to have little bit of conversation. Her English is not as good but I did not find an issue having a communication and even light jokes.

    She is determined with her service and you may talk to her what you would like to during the service. She is straight forward what she can and can't and will and won't at extra etc.

    If you want a quick unload, may not be the best choice but short time itself, I find her service great. It is more recommanded to have her for an extended time and get to know her a bit. She has this charm to make you feel that you are an important person. She will listen to your issues and ask your well-being and would remember the topic from previous visit and asks how I went with blah blah. I think it is a genuine attractive point of her that she tries remember each of her customers and try find a common linkage to get rid of that little bit of awkwardness.

    I feel very comfortable seeing her and I can't now think of me seeing anyone else.

    387 being a one of hardcore shops her work would be intensive but never forgets to smile.

    I have had completely opposit experience with Eva and I guess it all comes down to the personal preference thing. I just thought she is underestimated for what she is in this thread and would make a quick comment on her and my experience.

    Go punters I am thinking seeing her tomorrow if she is available. It's been a while since last time and i can't wait till my boner to get soaked in her mouth^^

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