So this was my first experience for using escort services.
Found this ad on E&B
HTML Code:
Even though it says independent but it is not. It runs by an unknown boss person.
Sent message to book for 1 hr. Got quick reply. I confirmed is it $180 for 1 hr as per ad above and the person said yes. Booked for the weekend.
Rang the bell, a girl came out. I naturally asked for Nora. She got confused. I said I have a session today. With confused face she let me in.
The girl was from Taiwan, average build, and she is not in pictures advertised.
In broken English she asked how much time. I said 1 Hr. She asked for $200 - cash first please.
I argued, I was told $180. She messaged someone (may be boss) on phone in her language (could be mandarin). She received reply from her boss.
Again in broken English said $180 for 50 minutes and $200 for 1 Hr.
I was like FFS. but I was horny as fuck and it was first time so I just said yes and gave her $200.
The girl was acting as if I was unexpected visitor in the house.
No shower and passionate kiss offered. She told me to take clothes off and sleep on stomach.
Then she started giving me back massage. It was all mechanical. Just pressing my back and leg at random points.
while doing this she was constantly checking messages on phone.
This goes on for 15 minutes, then she told me to turn around.
She put condom on dom, sucked my ball and started giving me CBJ. I came quick as I started loosing interest.
She cleaned me out and again asked me to sleep on stomach and started giving me back massage.
This again continued for another 10-15 minutes. I was cursing myself why did I spend $200 for 1 Hr.
During all this time she went outside to pee for 3 times.
Then she asked me to sleep on back and started playing with my dom. It got hard after a while.
She slept on bed put some gel on her vagina and asked me fuck her in mis position.
I gave an attempt and finish quickly as I just wanted to out of that.
By the time I finish it was almost 40 min into the session. I hesitantly asked so we finished?
She said yes, I quickly dressed up and left the house in disgust.
Definitely not trying again and will advise stay away from this advertise.
June 2023.