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    character Cora

    7 Cowper Street Granville 2142
    Date: 11/09/2023 Monday
    Lady Cora
    Age: ~~26
    Description: Around 155-158cm, ~49kg slim, Boobs C-cup.
    Nationality Singapore? Chinese?
    Value money/recommend? : Yes

    As I lay there, my body buzzing with the afterglow of Cora's perfect sexual experience, I couldn't help but feel grateful for the way she had touched me. Every stroke, every kiss, every whispered word had been precise and intentional, leaving me feeling seen and understood in a way I hadn't before.

    But what had really set Cora apart was the way she had incorporated music into our time together. As soon as we had entered her bedroom, she had turned on a carefully curated playlist that shifted and changed with our movements, building in intensity along with our pleasure.

    I had never experienced anything like it before - the way the rhythm of the music seemed to guide our bodies, urging us on to greater heights of pleasure. By the time the final notes of the last song faded away, we were both spent and sated, tangled together in a warm and contented embrace.

    As I drifted off to sleep, the music still echoing in my mind, I knew that this was a memory I would treasure for years to come. Thanks to Cora, I had not only experienced the perfect sexual encounter, but one that was truly unique and unforgettable.

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