1:7 Cowper Street Granville 2142
Date: 17/09/2023
Lady Tina
Age: ~~27-28
Value money/recommend? : Yes

I came here through a friend's introduction and saw Tina as soon as I walked in.
We went to the room together and I told her I wanted to take a shower before having sex. Tina helped me undress one by one until finally she hooked her hands around my pants and pulled them off my legs. Pull down. Tina said with an erotic look: I want to eat your child. What a humorous girl.
She kept massaging my back with her big breasts during the shower. You know that feeling, it makes me shiver.
After taking a shower, she gave me a simple massage, which was quite comfortable. Then lovely Tina started and we started licking each other and I think I made her come, she screamed so loud not to mention how sexy she was. She was so wet that she couldn't help but ride me first, rubbing against the entrance. Then she sat down hard and I felt the warmth. I looked at the time and after fucking her for a full twenty minutes, I came. Then she massaged me for a while, biting my lip and asking me to come back to her next time. If she hadn't told me, I would have done the same thing. Tina is really sexy and cute. I will come here often in the future.