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Thread: MIA WLs - how many you’ve known that came back again?

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    MIA WLs - how many you’ve known that came back again?

    It’s said that “the good ones return.” Or something along those lines.

    So mainly a question for punters who’ve been at the game for at least a few years -
    Of the regulars or WLs you’ve been seeing that suddenly left the shops and went MIA, how many came back to work again?

    In my experience, ignoring those that just changed shop venue or went private etc, very few returned to work after being out of the industry for months on end.

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    I've never seen one myself do that. One shop is often fanfaring the return of a particular girl, may have been MIA for months maybe a year. The first girl I saw 2 yr ago reappeared briefly not long ago, I might have booked her out of nostalgia, but she vanished again. She was in her first few days when I saw her, from what she said she had some big bills to pay at the time, I guess she paid them!
    I diligently check SB daily hoping for the return of my blonde beauty from late 2021.... she was at a shop for a month or two I think, I saw her (fantastic!) then she appeared on SB for a few weeks (outcalls only) then poof, gone.

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    Very rare to see a WL who stopped working come back. Probably only those that managed to get a PR somehow would come back, because otherwise they'd have to pay to maintain their student visas. They pay for the school fees and the "attendance". Why pay that cost if they stopped working completely?

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    It basically comes down to money, you will find a lot of milfs who work in the industry are just trying to pay their bills like you and i,
    They probably try working a normal job and realise the amount of tax leaves them very little to survive on,
    So why slave all week where they can make the same money in a days work at massage parlour or brothel

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