Travelling in Vic so had a punt at a local place in Geelong.
Very disappointing. Was advertised as a NBS with Oils and HJ, and FS as an option. Offering a range of things included.

Advertised as 28, my guess is not too far shy of 40, and not the person in the pics (no real surprises there). Even gave a different name to another punter who came in a little while after me.

Massage was non-existent, no technique at all, and lasted about 10 mins before asked me to flip. Throughout the whole thing was regularly leaving the room to answer the door .. heard her tell another punter to wait a few mins (and after about 20mins he just walked out), and was constantly answering texts on the phone. I asked twice throughout about the Oils, and was just mete with a half hearted shrug.

45 mins in she says times up and gets dressed. When I asked about the advert saying Oils and none used, she tried to say she has a reaction to them, so just uses Moisturizer for the HJ. I then asked so you are not Linda in the ad, and she says "Yes that's me".

So advertising the stuff she is allergic too ??

I asked about the time being short, and he starts getting narky. Just grabbed my gear and left.

Definitely would not recommend.