Date of visit: Late Apr 24


Ph: 0422 480 522

Age: Claims 32, but probably closer to 40.

Services available:
$70 1/2hr massage & HJ, $120 hr
$80 1/2hr massage & BJ, $130 hr
$100 1/2hr massage & sex, $170 hr
$120 1/2hr massage & anal, $180 hr

Service selected:
1/2HR massage, BBBJ with CIM for $90

Looks: 6/10

VFM: 8/10 If you are quality service rather than a PYT, then we'll worth it.

Down for work and felt like a massage for a bit of relief. Messaged a few places but very little info provided back. Pimpa quick to answer and was within walking distance of the hotel (Civic area).

Not going to win any beauty contests, but then again, neither am I. Nice set of bolt ons, and while she has a bit of a tummy, she is not a turn off.

Settled finances and she stripped off before I had gotten undressed. Laid down and she attached herself to my cock and soon had me standing proud.

Told her not to rush so she got me to flip over for a massage. Good solid massage, and to be honest I could have walked out happy even without the happy ending. Not just lightly rubbing hands over, but good firm pressure over whole body.

Flipped over and the finale began. Nice action, no teeth, tongue swirling in her mouth. Good solid suction with plenty of saliva and whilst not a deep throat, most of the way down. After about 5-min I couldn't hold any longer and let go into her mouth. Apparently my cum was a bit to bitter for her and she wasn't expecting a huge load.

Cleaned up, quick shower and time to walk out. Asked whether anal was an option for a future visit but she said that it was too thick.