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    J Ice

    Very late review on the famous superstar of Ginza that I saw last month. Been busy at work so I haven’t had the time to write this up and it slipped my mind, but reading the recent ARs, I’ve been reminiscing about my session and thought I will write a review to relive the session again lol. For all the pain of attempting for weeks, I was finally able to get a booking, and I have to say it was absolutely worth it.

    Face: 8 Her face reminds me alot like Morisawa Kana but Ice face has more gentle features

    Body: 8.5 Slim and petite, smooth and pale skin, she smells very fresh and is definitely someone that take cares of their body.

    Service: Ice / 10 If you ever seen a JAV where the office girl is on aphrodisiac and is wildly fucking and squirting, having the best time of her life, and you want to be the guy in the movie? That is how it feels with Ice.

    Session summary

    After being told that Ice is ready, I excitedly made my way to the room and saw that the door was slightly open and Ice was just hiding behind the door. I went upstairs where she opened the door and greeted me with a warm smile. She was wearing a beautiful dress that girls normally wear for clubbing, not the usual lingerie that most WL at Ginza wear. She helped me with my bag and helped me undress as we started to kiss, skipping the mouthwash completely. We quickly jumped into the shower where she gave me a quick shower and began her BJ where she takes as much of the little bro as she can with some deep throat.

    We got out of the shower and she handed me a towel and got another towel and kneel down to dry my little bro before diving in for another BJ, while still drying my lower body, talk about multitasking. She then went up for some DFK and my hands made their way on her body, starting with playing with her boobs before moving downstairs and going for FIV, and wow. I thought people were exaggerating how much she squirts, but it's more of a understandment really. After some light FIV and ramping up a bit her pussy tightens, her breathing becomes more heavy and she squirts down a waterfall, her legs become wobbly and she leans on me. This was all in front of the shower.

    We moved to the bed and I lay down and she began her catbath and quickly moved downwards and gave me another amazing BJ, before she positioned herself to the side, perfect position for some FIV, where she quickly squirted again.

    Put on the dom and started off with doggy. She’s tight, I started slow and as I began to ramp up so did her moaning and she soon squirt again. Her moaning itself is like music to my ears, and she’s very cute especially when she’s mixing Japanese and English words when she’s speaking. We rotated between a few positions before I finished in the dom where she took off the dom and cleaned the little bro with her mouth. Took a quick break where she handed me a full cup of water which I desperately needed.

    We chitchat for abit and her English is very good compared to other J WLs. She quickly initiated round 2 even with only a few minutes left, I opted to finish with BJ+CIM and wow she went at it like my little bro was the sweetest thing in the world. Finished inside her mouth while she continued to suck and use her hands to massage and ensure she drained everything. She swallowed it all, looked up at me and gave a warm smile, looking as if she was proud of it. We quickly head to the shower for a quick cleanup. We got changed, hugged and kissed goodbye.

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    Great review man, total service queen.

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    I keep checking the roster I need to see this one

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    Quote Originally Posted by hereforgoodtime View Post

    she drained everything. She swallowed it all, looked up at me and gave a warm smile, looking as if she was proud of it.
    Does it get any better than that? Sydney in 2024

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    Damn ice sounds amazing. Too bad booking is ridiculously hard lol.

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    Quote Originally Posted by skylineboy View Post
    I keep checking the roster I need to see this one
    Same here . She hasn't been on the roster for close to 2 weeks. The boys @ Ginza were expecting her back late last week . Something must have gone amiss

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    west side brothels
    This is indeed the girl I may be looking for from the other thread.

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