after reading a positive review on Monica i decided to visit. Monica came in and speaks very limited english.
She undressed and at best she has a granny body... maybe thats the norm these days but I was disappointed.
She seemed super eager and super friendly so I thought that this maybe fun after all.. We were laughing and eventually it started dragging on so i directed her to the main event. She went down to my freshly showered member and came back with disinefectant towels and started furiously cleaning up . I was a little embarassed as i had just showered ... she cleaned spoke chinese... i dont understand and finally cleaned some more. I think it was timewasting tbh.

she started the bj which was ok. At some point it was time to switch it up... i performed some DATY and it was all good.
I emerged and requested that we get to the main event now. she went back down and cleaned some more... and went back to a bj.
I asked if we could do the deed and then she said that I am too big again... which I am beginning to think is a ploy as i am not that big.

we tried a couple of positions and then she asked we stop as she was uncomfortable. I complied and she finished me off with a handjob.
I would not return to see her.