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Thread: Shanghai China - mostly bbs outside of Puxi/Xuhui

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    Shanghai China - mostly bbs outside of Puxi/Xuhui

    <Just thought I'd post my TR from my time in China, this has already been posted on sex141 & ISG forums as they're the more popular websites for asia mongering, but I did clean up some of the spelling mistakes for you guys! Anyway here goes:>

    For my trip I referenced heavily from the following page:

    First night I was looking for something close and easy so I decided to try a massage place on the SE corner of yuanshen lu and yushan lu. There's 2 shops right next to each other, I went to the one with the masseuses in the black. 320rmb for 90 minutes (mistake 1). Ages looked like mid 20s - early/mid 30s. I went around 9pm. Part 1 was average and forgettable. Part 2 started out ok, she said there would be a small tip for extras but no specifics (mistake 2), her skill was quite good I'll give her that. I assumed (mistake 3) since the massage price was relatively expensive the tip for hj would only be 100 so I asked if 200 would be enough for a bj. Her attitude changed quickly and said she charged 200 for hj and 500 for bm...yeah right! I then told her I only had 500 on me (small lie hehe) and then she wanted me to use my credit if lady! And so the half hearted hj continued with clothes left on. Eventually time was coming to an end and faced with the prospect of "only" 180 tip she agreed to undo her bra for 50 more and some under the skirt but over the panties action. Boy when she's motivated she's really good with her hand! Popped quite quickly for 550 total and feeling ripped off though.

    Next I decided for wham bam thank you ma'am type action from the above websites:

    1. Fangcao Lu (Beicai district, south of Century Park)
    Went at night, thought lots of the barbershops looked like legit shops and with a bunch of guys around so didn't go in. the ones with women lounging around were either older and completely unattractive or tired looking so after walking up and down the street I decided to move on. Maybe I went at a bad time?

    4. Yinghua Lu (Century Park)
    Much better girls. Went straight after fangcao lu and saw someone I wanted in the second shop! Went in and asked for the price before selecting the girl (mistake 4, but small mistake). They told me to ask again after choosing the girl, did so and was quoted 300 with bbbj included. Very cute girl, early 20s but looked like she had a kid from the scar on her stomach. Some quick but nice bbbj then off to the races. Started with cg but she quickly got tired, then we moved to her on her back, legs on my shoulders while I'm standing up (don't want to lie on the bed too long). She was making some really nice noises, fake but nice, and (too) soon I wanted to come. Managed to control myself and moved to doggie on the couch. Popped after mushing her face into the couch with my thrusting overall much nicer for only 300. Maybe 25 minutes from entering the shop. After leaving decided to check out three rest of the street, they have about 6-7 shops with some super cute girls so planned to try them again.

    Came back again after a few days, this time walking the whole street before choosing. Saw the first chick again so maybe she works every day? Ended up with a shop towards the west end of the street, walked in like I knew what I was doing, picked the girl and walked to the back. was told 200 for fs and bj (I look like a local). When I took off my pants and saw my trimmed bush she questioned if I was a foreigner and after realising my mandarin was terrible became cross and accusing me of tricking her, saying the laowai price was 300 and wanted me to pay that! Had to compromise for 250 but time was almost up and she was still angry for not getting the laowai price. Only did mish for a few minutes before popping, she couldn't wait til I was done and left in a huff. Cute girl, atrocious attitude. Should've paid the laowai price after all!

    2. Yinshan Lu (Jingqiao)
    Went during the day around 2.30pm, old, fat, ugly, no thanks. Maybe bad timing?

    3. Eshan Lu (West of Century Park)
    Went during the day around 3pm, quality not quite yinghua lu levels but good enough for me (I'm mid 20s if that helps). Picked a small spinner type, viet looking and nice. Again some scarring on her stomach and had some below average looking small tits. Started in doggie, great ass, used my thumb to rub her backdoor with no complaints, didn't try my luck any further though. Wanted to pop again really quickly. moved to mish, really wanted to pop, finally moved to me standing again with her ass hanging over the bed for some serious pounding and popped. If you'll notice no bj this time as they don't seem to do a good job anyway, just a minute or two at most. Total damage 150 for 15-20 minutes, not bad.

    <originally this was separated into 2 posts, now combined>

    Today I checked out the bbs on zhengli road, went back to yinghua as well as scouting out another posters info on lanhua and dujuan road.

    First zhengli. Get off the train at jiangwan town station, exit out of the east side exits, walk north to zhengli road and head east. The shops are on the north side of the street. Now the reports I've read about this were over a year old so there was a chance I'd find a ghost town, and yes, the reported 10-15 bbs with kpop level girls no longer seems to be true. Although this could be because I was there in the middle of the day. Left the station at about 1.30pm and a lot of the shops were either closed, doors chained, security gate locked or some combination of the 3. The ones that were open were either old (30+) or just plain fat (american level fat!). I walked east on zhengli, south on jipu road (nothing), north on guoquan north (2 open, see above: ugly/fat/etc), then west on sanmen road (not much, road has too much foot traffic I think, good noodle places though). Had some noodles to kill the time and walked back to zhengli for a final look around 2.30-2.45. This time one of the eastern end bbs had some reasonable young girls, best of which was a 7 in my eyes. Told myself I'd go back for her if I find nothing else but as I walked to the station I began fantasizing about the yinghua girls so off I went.
    Verdict: walked past too early, should go 4pm at the absolute earliest I think but only worth a visit if you're nearby. too far for me to visit again.

    Took the train to longyang station, exit number 8 or 9 to check out the 3 streets. Arrived around 4pm.

    Lanhua: could only find a massage type place and there was a curtain so I couldn't judge level of talent. Prices on the door were average, sub 200 for chinese massage, didn't go in. street is full of automotive and bike repair shops. Seemed like a complete bust.

    Yinghua: walked from west to east and saw construction going on so I thought for a second the shops might be silly am i? Of course soon I saw the usual kpop girls with heavy makeup...ah feeling like home by now haha. Walked the whole street, nice looking girls with solid number of customers. The locals agree with me on the talent it seems! But for the sake of you lovely perverts I went to check out dujuan road before succumbing to my baser urges. More on this later. <quick: re-reading this made me remember one of the girls I walked past, sitting dead middle in the semi-circle of girls, she had the biggest breasts of any asian girl I've ever seen! Even bigger than Sophie from 45George!>

    Dujuan: from the intersection of baiyang road its only a stones throw away from the 4-5 available bbs on the north side of the street (south side is a park or something). The great thing about this street is all the shops are squashed together so you can compare quite easily. Looks wise a small half-step below yinghua but above everywhere else. Young girls available, lots of makeup. More on this later as well.

    Back to yinghua. By now I've realised if I want anything close to the local price the trick was for me not talk so much! Walk in, choose a girl (你来吧), walk to the room (多少?一百五全套好不好?), agree on price (incidentally since the bbbj only lasts a minute or so the budget punter should forgo this option and get straight to it). Chose another pretty girl with red/maroon hair. Got her undressed and wow! This one shaves her fun zone! Theres a small patch above but the pussy itself is clean! If this wasn't a bbs place I would love to go to town on that thing (not to mention her nice B titties with pinkish nipples and pink ahole too! I had no idea china had these sort of girls too! Started with 30s of cg, I tried to move her hair out of the way so I could see her face but she cried for me not to touch her hair! Guess she just had it done haha. Moved to standing mish over the bed and she warned me I would cum too soon (very likely, the view was damn good). Got very close to popping but held on and changed to doggie. She didn't like this and complained I wanted to change positions too much. Getting a little annoyed now. But luckily the view was so good I didn't even last another minute. Paid the 150 and off I went. Btw she had the best body I've seen this trip. Off I went to dinner!

    After dinner and some rest back I came! Wanted to sample dujuan road. Came by around 9.30pm and tried a small skinny girl. Same price as before, no bbbj this time either. Started in mish, moved to doggie for 5 minutes of non stop pump, no pop. Moved to my trip fav standing mish, another couple of minutes pumping, still nothing. We're almost at 20 minutes now, and she hasn't said a word about hurrying up, but I'm tired of doing the work so I have her finish me off by hand while I'm massaging her taint! Nice. this girl wasn't add good as thepreviou one, but very small waist, nice ass, awesome view in doggie with her figure. She had a trim downstairs too, in fact her bush was trimmed in the shape of a heart! She def needed to smile more though!

    And here I am now, tired after a long day of walking and...other things. Some points to note. I've seen local guys take these bbs girls out for takeaway then bringing them back on their scooters after its over. If you're fluent in mandarin and don't want to do it in the dirty shop conditions then this may be an option. And it looks like these local guys likes to scout these places on their scooter, very clever, cover more shops easily! And then there's the option for takeaway! Finally I've noticed the service level for these girls are little to none so if you want good service, gfe or high quality pse then bbs are not for you. In fact, given the girls don't shower between clients I would strongly suggest no kissing, licking any part of them (unless you like a weird spot like behind the knees or something) and definitely no daty. But if you are on a budget, aren't too fussy about rooms, and just want a quick 15-30 min romp before you get on with your day (or to end your day on a good note!) Then bbs are a great way to do it..

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    Nice report, bro. very useful info. I found most BBSs you mentioned could be got on Each introduction of the BBS contains the map. That helped me a lot to find the BBSs.

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    Excellent posts, thanks for sharing.

    Last time I was in Shangers was right around Expo time, so they'd cleaned up a lot of the "barber shops". :-( Pretty much only pulled from Manhattan and did a visit to Golden 18.

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    I just happen to be in Shanghai and against my better judgement went to one of the BBSs in Yinghua Road.
    I just had quite a dinner with my cousins and had a bit of beer, so feeling very warm and fuzzy.
    Went in and saw this real skinny one which I thought "hmmm skinny, then it should be tight."
    Upstairs we went and into this small room that's pretty much like 143 Marrickville
    (I meant before when they had like 15 rooms) but with a bed and not massage table.
    There was no shower or toilet. So on with the dom and blowie for like a min or 2 then off to main course.
    The view was great, but little did I know I was busting to take a number 1 and sleepy from the beer.
    Almost made it but no, the other function took over priority. Was told I'd need to buy another block of time
    if I wanted to go pee downstairs and come back for her. She also insisted several times whether I wanted a double.
    I was like no thanks, how can 3 ppl fit on that single bed.

    Anyway the quality was alright, they're all around 6-7.5 or 8 with medium to heavy make up.
    Probably wouldn't go back unless I was sex starved and can't help myself.
    Pretty much like a blow and go place but it's unload and go.

    Moral of the story is: Don't drink and drive ...... to a BBS.

    Oh yeah the cost was 230CNY so less than $50AUD

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    Do u need to speak chinese though?

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    I was in Shanghai a few weeks ago. You can go to massage places and some will do FS for a tip. I had one with a hot little PRC girl for 500RMB tip.

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    Punting in China is illegal. Just be very careful.

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    Wish I did some research before I went to Shanghai! Sounds like a lot of fun.

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    Definitely not what it used to be, where you could walk into any spa and have a selection of girls to choose from.
    Everything is underground and quality can vary by miles. Prices are even crazier if you want the quality.

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