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Thread: Lexy - Tri-nation cutie

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    Lexy - Tri-nation cutie

    Lexy is young. 20. Petite but with D-cups. Seductive eyes. A beautiful face which is the result of a Chinese, Korean and Japanese mix. And... very shy. So shy that she doesn't know what to do. She's certainly new at this, so she doesn't know how to enjoy herself. It'll take quite some effort on your end to work her up - she gets wet, but she won't go wild if that's what you're after.

    She's like a little kitten so I felt like I was gonna hurt her, lol. But let's talk about the service.

    As she entered the room, I saw before me a sweet looking girl. She seemed tense. So I sat her down and tried chatting with her to ease the mood... she tries but the conversations keep hitting brick walls. She speaks English, Cantonese, Korean and a little Japanese. Eventually she suggests a shower.

    She undresses to reveal a pair to well shaped puppies. And a belly ring. Which seem to betray her shy demeanor.

    The shower was very light. No action, really. Because I'm a shy guy myself, I didn't try to go nuts groping the crap out of her. In saying that, I'm comfortable doing that to girls like Matris or Porya. Hmmm...

    On to the bed. We tried kissing - I had to initiate. Very light, no DFK. She sticks her tongue out a little.

    I then tried DATY, some reaction. But I think she was tense, and again couldn't enjoy herself. In turn, I wasn't enjoying it too much either.

    She jumps straight into BBBJ afterwards. It had the right amount of pressure, some attempted deep throat and very wet. Once in a while she'll look up with those sexy eyes. This might've been the best part of the session.

    Then I dommed up and tried cowgirl first. She went through the motions but didn't seem to enjoy herself. I tried to teach her how to grind herself but she didn't know how, lol. Whoops. We moved on to missionary, which was a little better. She moaned as I penetrated her and looked into my eyes. Them eyes...

    Anyway, still a little robotic. We moved to doggie - now this she seemed to enjoy as her moans grew louder and louder. Unfortunately I was a little tired and gave up, lol.

    Somehow, she was less shy in the end and we managed to have some more conversations. Judging from her impression of the customers, this is probably her first time as a WL.

    All in all... I can't say it was a great punt though she is beautiful. YMMV but I'm guessing if you're a real player, gots the charm and can lead her, it might be a whole different kind of session.

    That, or she needs some training.

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