I visited this little Filipina cutie a few weeks ago and was quite happy with her. She's one of the only locanto ads I've seen that is actually no BS. Her pictures, while 100% real aren't as flattering as they should be. That's even her bed . She works out of a very nice high-rise apartment in FV and the place is immaculate. She does the work on her bed and uses clean gear. She'll even hook you up with a clean towel when you come in and offer a shower.

The Massage: I'd give it a solid 6. Not the greatest in the works, she's certainly not a masseuse, but if getting gently worked over by a pretty little Filipina in lingerie doesn't make you feel good, there are probably other forums you should be visiting. It was nice, and I was relaxed.

The Good Stuff: we'll go 6 here as well, not for lack of effort, she's just not the most sexualised creature in the world. I completely understand, I wouldn't be either, doing what she does. Regardless, she does it well enough then cleans you up.

The Clock: 9 Because while her timing will never recommend her to a job in the airlines, she makes sure all the minutes are yours. I was getting ready to leave and she said "you have more time!" With this she looked after some sore bits for me. She actually went over by about 10 minutes.

Looks: 7 I thinks she's gorgeous. Pretty little face, full lips and a wonderful set of tatas. Mind you, they stay hidden under her skimpy little getup. She way petite, and just a bit chubby which in no way takes from her looks. Extremely feminine.

Attitude: 8 She's very polite, sweet, and a bit OCD. She's clean and rather meticulous in how she does her job. You can tell she's not doing it because she wants to, but you can also tell she's not blaming her clients for it. She's very genuine, very cute.

Location: Awesome. Very nice complex with easy, free parking attached. That may change as they do work down there, but even if they do charge, it'll only be a few bucks. I don't think you can leave after midnight. It's right in the corner of that popular little area with the Oyama Japanese joint. You text her and she comes down to take you up.

Value: 9 $70 for the half was very reasonable with this little sweetie.

Highly recommended.