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    Dear members,

    Due to the recent outburst of STI claim, it is our decision that no names of workers and shop should be named on the forum without conclusive evidence that the poster is infected by the named worker. Such action would only cause unfair hardship to the worker's livelihood and thus affect the reputation of the establishment.

    The correct action is to inform the shop and demand an investigation.

    Upon receiving a complaint, it's the shop's responsibility to get the worker tested and produce a certificate for the claimant's perusal. If the said worker is tested positive, she should be taken off roster immediately until treated.

    If the shop fails to take this appropriate action, then the claimant has the right to name and shame. Until then, unsubstantiated claims on the forum will be deleted.

    This has now become Forum Rule No.9, effective immediately.



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    New Forum Rule no.9

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