Hi all, this is my first review and this was probably the worst punt I had this year so far, at cherry blossom today, showed 4 girls, 3 Asian milf, and one rather young Korean called Nana, from the line up she was the best of the worst so to speak, and I was pretty horny, so I chose her, paid the fees for 30 mins, went to room shower by myself, she came in, took off her clothes, and just sit at the bed naked, staring blankly at my tummy, the girl looked like she was about to cry as I saw her eyes was red, I was thinking to myself that she will cry like a baby in the next minutes, luckily she didn't.

Then she proceed to CBJ, I swear this girl must been forced to do this, and she just put her mouth on my cock, without movement (wait it gets better) i asked if i can lick her nipples she said no (WTF) as she said she has boyfriend (WTF are you doing here then?) so be it, at this point i was just focusing of not turning this punt into total disaster, (now the best part coming) so i turn her and just want to come as soon as possible so i did missionary and start pounding her, then when i try to do doggystyle, i noticed that there is a blood in my condom, and on the bedsheet she was having period (can you believe this shit?) so i immediately stop, went to shower and wash my body clean, she was about to cry and said sorry many times, so i said its ok, and I left the room and complained to papa san about the situation, couldn't get a refund, not in the mood to argue in the brothel either so i left.

the brothel showed total contempt for the wellbeing of the lady and for the customer by letting a lady who has period working, (most likely being forced, judging from the look of her face) i have nothing against cb since it was my favorite brothel, and i lived within walking distance, oh well, there is always tope street just by short drive.