Persons Name: Anie

Nationality: Thai

Shop Address: 7 Cowper St, Granville

Visit 09/11/15

Rate: $90/half hour

Age: Late 20's/early 30's? (not sure)

Size/shape: Curvy - definitely not 'slim', but not 'fat'

Services: FS, CBJ

Value for money/recommend? Yes

Anie was a lovely lady and I had a great time. When I arrived, I spoke with Simon who recommended Anie for a great service. I definitely got that service. While she didn't allow kissing, she was very passionate in bed from start to finish. Loud moaning and squealing, and you could tell she really loved what she was getting.

We started with the usual shower and introductions. She quickly stripped down and her eyes invited me to fondle and play with her naked body. Nice firm breasts that beg to be licked. Shaved pussy, which I ate out like no tomorrow. We started with missionary and I found it great to grab her ass and pull her towards me - as deep as I could go. In this position, her squealing was absolute bliss. Without dismounting, I rolled her around into cowgirl position where she vigorously rode me (like an actual cow girl) until I burst my load. Where many ladies would be quick to throw you into the shower and out of the room, Anie asked if I would like a massage. After accepting her kind offer, she treated me to a back and leg massage. As I felt her naked body crawling around as she repositioned, I started getting excited again - I believe she could tell that I was ready for more. As with most ladies, I didn't expect that they would let me cum twice in the short half hour session that I had paid for... however she offered me a handjob to relieve the pressure.

Great service and great attitude. Will definitely return for more