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Thread: Nancy at 7 Cowper Road, Granville

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    Nancy at 7 Cowper Road, Granville

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    The logistics and variables of good times

    Person's Name : Nancy
    Location: 7 Cowper Road, Granville
    Age : Early-Mid 30s
    Nationality or Ethnicity : Taiwanese
    Size/shape : Size 7, 5'7", slim waist, C cup natural
    Tattoos, scars: no

    Services Provided : LFK, DATY, CBJ


    Cowper is central Sydney, so for those guys living west, its a reasonably easy route to take
    I often drive through this area for work, and the place is very close to Granville station

    All the showers here have rounded clear shower walls, and swivel doors
    Having been here before, I know push the knob up to turn the water on, then clockwise for cold, anticlockwise for hot. I like to explain this, because I was initially bewildered.

    The lady at the door was ok helpful, with my visit she suggested Nancy was available


    Nancy tells me she is Taiwanese, and her English is good
    She has an elegant look, in the angles of her face and her hair tied back
    She is around 5'7 tall, nice figure, and reasonably attractive, probably early-mid 30s
    As she hands me my towel to shower, I note her smile is a natural one, and she is polite and upbeat

    Later as she undresses, she reveals a nice figure, with C cups, natural
    As I lie down she commences with a catbath, kissing my nipples, and lower chest
    She is affectionate and gentle, and makes me feel welcome
    After a short while, she is cupping my sword between her breasts, and she slowly soothes him with rhythmic motions
    Eye contact is good, and she goes about making me feel nice in this way

    I tend to stop these sort of preliminaries early, as I like to move to the main event
    She pops on a condom, and offers to give me CBJ
    I indulge in this, and she does good work

    I gently lick her pussy, and she doesnt mind DATY, although I get the impression she will prefer a short time there

    We try missionary together, and her pussy is reasonably tight and ready
    She is happy to try different ways, and I enjoy doggy, and a few other positions on the bed
    Near the end, she urges me to come, and I do so, and we hold each other close afterwards
    I felt she was kind and friendly to be with

    Standard punt, with a lady who is caring and experienced
    Nancy is happy to chat with you in English, and is attractive and responsive

    If you like lady in this age range, with a nice body, and experience to let you relax, Nancy is a good choice
    Sometimes I get tired of passive WL, who will basically rely on you to lead everything
    With Nancy, I felt that I was in good hands, and she knew how to use her body to make me feel good
    There were no fireworks in the sky, though, but being my first time with her, maybe thats asking too much

    Why do I come back here ? A decent basic punt, and good value for whats on offer

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    Thank you for your review
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