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Thread: Lala at 7 Cowper Street

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    Lala at 7 Cowper Street

    Lala at 7 Cowper Street
    Age: around 25
    Nationality: Chinese/Taiwanese
    Date of visit: 1/7/2016
    Attitude: friendly and custom focused
    Services: cat bath, bbbj, kissing, little bit of tits fuck, daty, fs.

    a nice looking long hair, fit, white and smooth skin with natural C cup, about 160-165cm.

    Well before anything, she had her mouth wash and check my little brother. Everything is ticked and good to go.

    A bit of light lip kissing (no dfs), then progress to cat bath, a very good eye contact. Then even better when she was slowly moving her body down there, a few more hand message on my little brother with a killer smile then all the sudden her hands off and swing her boobs that nicely slam on my little brother, first her left boob and then soon after the right boob as well. As soon as I look at her with a little excitement my little brother was located Nicely in between hers boobs. Then her hands back on but this time holding her boobs and give me some Spanish. Omg that was nice and my little brother became even harder and fun.

    Playing with it for a few minutes and then bbbj. It was good, no teeth and enough pressure on the head with her lips and tongue.

    Now my turn for daty, she question if this is more for her to enjoy if it is then said maybe we can skip that. I told her I like it and she was a bit unsure and fact she had never experienced this before! Wow her first time!!! I can't believe it but she said that's the truth. She is okay to have a try only for me..😍😍 Of course I told her to let me know if she want me to stop. Very Good and can do attitude!! At first she was moving around and think she did not like the feeling. I was thinking to stop but she told me okay to continue. I was wrong, she get use to it, she just hooked. She really enjoy it and started moving her sister against my tongue and my lips with moaning sound to encore her enjoyment.

    I am sure she has now discover that it was great. We took more time on this and end up less time for the real fun. Still there are few things that she did really turn me on and I came in no time on missionary.

    Then we both exhausted. With the heater was still on we were sweating and smelled. After shower, we hug again on the bed and she asked whether I had dfs with others.... Then she gave me 2 big long dfs. Love it.

    A true gem but not sure will be on roaster again. She was replacing other girl that day. She really don't care what I am going to write and was about having her holiday for a month. Hope she will return.

    Looks 8/10
    Services 9/10

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    Lala today 23 May 2017

    Lala review.
    Spent 30 minutes with Lala today which was very good.
    She isn't as young as some and her figure isnt 10/10 but she knows how to use everything, thats for sure.
    Very good service, friendly and happy and made all the right noises on cue, nice girl.
    Figure 6/10 but pretty face
    Service 8.5/10
    Would love to see Lala again soon for sure.

    (Review re-posted in separate thread 24 May 2017)
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    Thank you for your review
    On special now now

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