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Thread: 120 Bourke Street - Hong Kong masssage

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    120 Bourke Street - Hong Kong masssage

    Went down there for a day. had some spare time to burn so i did a quick check on cracker and found 120 Bourke Street near chinatown. it is currently called Hong Kong Massage. the photos on the web shown lots of nice looking girls. but i suspect that was fake.

    anyway no harm checking. went in and greeted by a milf, that confirm my earlier suspicious. i asked who else is working, she said only her.

    she was average looking so i thought why not. decided to stay for 45min. started part 1 and her massage skill was average. she does strong massage and really dig it in when working on my calf. but soft and touchy when on shoulder. perhaps should she should have reverse that.

    Half and hour past, she signal turn over, $50 for clothed HJ, $80 to take off and HJ. it was too steep in my opinion so i bargained hard and we settled on $30 for clothed HJ, with no touching allow at all. This is so different from sydney where we are spoilt with choice.

    HJ was very rush and mechanical. very average. nothing to rave about.

    on my way out i saw a few ML sitting there,OMG they are all aunties in their late 40. i suppose i was lucky in that sense.

    Will i come back again, no facking way.

    so as a general rule of thumb, if photos on web is good looking, they are usually hiding some ugly old pork chops.

    that's when i missed sydney. so there you go, punter beware.

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    Hahaha yeah mate, Melbourne is not the same as Sydney, really struggling down here.

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    Lol... same experience
    Prices are insane

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    Wow.. thats too bad. melbourne sucks for the punters..

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    Too expensive in Melbourne

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    save your money and head to Sydney

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    I had a similar experience when I was in Melbourne earlier this year. we think we can adapt and adjust to each city but the value proposition is so different.

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