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Thread: Mary at 7 Cowper Street

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    Mary at 7 Cowper Street

    Mary at 7 Cowper Street
    Age: mid to late 20
    Nationality: Chinese
    Date of visit: 19/06/2017
    Services: bj, lips kissing, daty, fs.

    Checked with the management and they have two new girls - Mary and Tiffany. When arrived, I met Mary as Tiffany was busy. Mary was just arrived in Sydney in the morning. I was a bit surprised that she looks great and refresh plus also be able to start working straight away after the long flight. Also, she is new to the industry!

    She has long fine coloured hair. With a sweet smile, small & slim body, white skin and natural sm boobs and long long nipples.

    Just a bit shy when I checked on her. She felt uncomfortable and did not know how to start at the beginning. In fact, I was her first customer but it was good that she followed the lead and listen. Btw, she know little English and we chat in Chinese.

    Kissing is very limited, not that eye contact, but listen and follow is the key and bbbj was good and she kisses and licked on the balls when I asked.

    Long long soft nipples are fun to play with my fingers and tongue and be prepared that she moved a lot as she said "too itchy" a few times and i was only focusing on her nipples.

    When progress to DATY, she moved even more, and at some stage she need to stop a few times to get through her sensation first but happy for me to continue on.

    The biggest highlight is her "Tight" pussy. It took me a while to get thru and that was only on half length, my god that was amazing. I had to take it very slow and finally she was all good to take on more actions. The fun and satisfaction were all excel here and end with her hand covering her mouth to stop her loud moaning noise. She is different and I have never get this from experienced wl.

    After wrote up this report, made me think about her again ...dam I want to see her now.

    A very positive girl and hope she settle in here soon. Also a very sensitive girl that I have never meet before, plus a very tight down there still that really drive me crazy and I Love it.

    Looks 8/10
    Services 8/10

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    Thank you for your review today we have beautiful beautiful girls booking welcome
    ​​​7 Cowper
    7 Cowper Street Granville NSW 2142
    Landline: 0426629688 / 0296377922
    Sun to Thur:10am to 12am, Fri & Sat: 10am to 2am
    Special $100 for 30 minutes full service

    Aus99 reviews

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