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Thread: Niki - 7 Cowper St

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    Niki - 7 Cowper St

    Person's Name : Niki

    Establishment : 7 Cowper St

    Date of Visit : 12/07/17

    Contact Details/Address/Weblink :

    Hours of Business : 10am - Late

    Rates : $65/30min (discount price, normal $90/30min)

    Age : 30s

    Size/shape : MILF, slightly chubby

    Nationality or Ethnicity : Chinese

    Services Provided : BBBJ, FS

    Value for money/recommend? : Yes

    My experience/comments :

    After a successful punt last time, I decided to return to try out the other girls. The mamasan seemed to recognize me and after some talking, she gave me the discounted rate and recommended Niki to me. After she left, I eagerly jumped into the hot shower to warm myself (so cold these days ).

    Mid-shower, Niki walked into the room and introduced herself. Niki definitely looks a lot slimmer and touched up in the roster photos, however she is not bad looking (MILF look). She has a few tattoos on her body and is a little chubby in the waist region, but overall still attractive. Niki's English was OK and I got that she was from Singapore (Chinese born).

    After the shower, Niki helped me dry up - which I thought was a nice touch. Laying down on the bed, she started with a standard catbath with her long hair draping over my body, driving me crazy . Unfortunately, she tied it into a bun to get it out of the way, which made it a lot more practical. Then, she started with a BBBJ which was one of the better ones that I've had. Good suction and technique, no teeth and a nice rhythm that didn't feel mechanical. Honestly, it felt so good I could've gone a lot longer if not for the 30 minutes session. Alas, all good things have to come to an end, and after a blissful 15 minutes or so she dommed me up. One problem I had with the room I was in was that it was freaking cold! My hands and feet were pretty cold while lying on the bed which actually got me a bit nervous and shaky. Maybe next time I would move the heater closer to the bed or choose a different room that wasn't so close to the entrance. Anyway, I digress. The rest of the action was pretty standard. Started with missionary which wasn't really working (maybe the cold?) before I decided to switch to cowgirl. She banged me hard until I finished, and then cleaned me up. While I lay resting, Niki showered first and we swapped when she finished. In the remaining time, she didn't offer to give me a massage like the last girl (Nacy) but I was not too fussed.

    Overall, a good punt with the highlight being the BBBJ. I will return to Cowper due to the good service but will try a new girl next time!

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    Thank you for your review
    On special now $80 for 30 minutes full service

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