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Thread: Wollongong Punting Scene

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    had a few good experiences at SALT water

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    Checked out an advertisement in Illawarra Mercury advertising body rub
    Girl or Boy, not interested in the boy bit but new add so I thought I'd check it out. Directed to a shop in Warilla in side street 2sips or something. Tried to sell the boy off to me I let them know not interested. Got the girl a thai girl maybe about 30, not bad looking but the massage was crap at $70 hr, she wasn't interested in massage and only wanted part 2 which was really expensive $125 for body slide, $50 for hj and pretty coy about what was on offer. I declined all and left after 1 hour crap massage won't be back, she got quite rude after I knocked back part 2. Be careful trying to shop the boy onto you especially if your not into

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    Thanks for the heads up

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