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Thread: Cmk In Canberra 2017

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    Cmk In Canberra 2017

    Anne's Babes House
    3/18 Wollongong St
    Fyshwick ACT 2609
    02 6239 1609

    Hanna 6.30 pm 171018

    Searching through Cracker, Backpages and a few adult sites led me to mostly full service shops in the Fyshwick area. A suburb just out of the city. Streets lined with warehouses of mixed use industrial businesses. I was down in Canberra to fill in for a few weeks. Work will take me wherever there are opportunities. More importantly, wherever I am needed...

    The first site that drew my attention was Anne's Babes House. Number 18 on Wollongong St. I suppose these are the equivalent to our $150 an hour shops in Sydney. Except that down here, it is between $200 - $220 for the hour. Same set up where the business is upstairs on the first level of a warehouse. Think 42 Gladesville, Taren Point and countless shops out in the western suburbs of Sydney...

    I arrived at the premise, on a Wednesday night, straight after work. It was an easy 15 minute drive out from the city to Fyshwick. I don't know what Canberrans usually do on a Wednesday night, but I know that I was going to satisfy my curiosity whilst being down this way...

    The whole area was quiet. Literally dead. It felt like a Sunday evening or a long weekend. My vehicle was literally the only one onsite. I parked at the back and walked up the rear entrance stairs. Rang the bell. No answer. I waited a while longer, making sure that they would see me standing there in front of the camera. 5 minutes in, I made my way down and headed to the front entrance, to try my luck there instead. Walking up the stairs again, I could see the Chinese symbol for luck, stuck on the wooden front door. I rang. 2 minutes in, a young Chinese guy answers and leads me in to the waiting area. It was stuffy and warm upstairs on the first floor. I took in the surroundings of the counter, waiting room and corridor. It was dated, old but spacious. Gaudy mix of timber, dark maroon carpet and a hideous lounge from somewhere like Fantastic Furniture was what stood out. Mental note, the weather down here is normally cool in the mornings but gets warmer during the day, before dropping back down to single digits overnight...

    Girl number 1. Chinese. Pretty average looking. Not the type that would get me going. Shortish hair and round face. Forgotten her name in the intro, but made an effort to walk up to shake my hand. I was surprised...

    Girl number 2. Korean. Michelle was her name. Tall, S shape body, long back hair. Midriff top. Toned stomach showing. Hot pants. White porcelain skin. Nice curves around her rear and quite busty. Friendly intro. Smiled, but had quite a bit of make up to hide acne, I think. I can't remember the last time I have had an intro like this from a K girl. To be honest, I was a little stunned when she extended her hand out to shake mine. I was impressed...

    Girl number 3. Chinese. Petite and small in a french maid's outfit. Button cute. Imperfect teeth. She giggles as she introduces herself. An instant rapport was built. Light tan skin, long black hair and a sparkle in her eye. These are the qualities that I remembered from my interaction with her. Hanna was her name. And she was definitely my kind of girl...

    Standing an inch shorter than me, just in front of the doorway to her room. She smiles and welcomes me in. This is also where Hanna sleeps for the duration of her contracted period, before moving on to the next city around Australia. She is indeed friendly and tells me with pride that she gets alot of repeat clientele because of her service. Earlier, the young Chinese keeper told me the same thing too...

    We build up an easy flow of conversation together. That was a good start. I am feeling comfortable with her and I hope that she is with me too. As I write this, all I could see and remember is her smile. It was warm, welcoming and fresh...

    I hopped into the spa bath for a quick wash down, as she prepares the bed. I requested that she assists me in washing my privates down, leaving her outfit on. Hanna laughs and tends to me. We move back towards the bed and she motions me to lie down. I sit on the bed and start hugging her instead. We chat and feel each other up. A few light kisses on the lips before I begin massaging her rear. We fool around for a bit before I spin her around and start kissing the back of her neck, removing her bra, just under her outfit. My hands cup both her breasts just under that outfit of hers. It was then expertly removed in a flash by Hanna. My raging erection is now pressed against her black, lacy underwear. Down it comes, and off it goes to the side table...

    We stayed in the same position for a little longer. I had access to a slowly moistened snatch. A finger on her clit, gently tracing it upwards and downwards. She turns her head to the side to kiss me. It was a little more passionate, a little more engaged. A few compliments were thrown in to stroke both our egos. It's amazing what a few words can do to your manhood...

    Laying me down, Hanna started with alot of teasing around the shaft. She would lick anywhere but the head for quite a considerable amount of time. This continued around the perineum, balls and inner thighs. The whole seduction got me really excited. A lot of precum was excreting, as I was trying to hold back. I don't think she was too keen on the taste, as she wiped it off, before finally lunging in with a bareback blowjob. She only managed to go down 3 quarters of the length with her tiny mouth. I can't say that I could feel much of her suction pressure and tongue action. It was a little tame, but it was still a nice feeling...

    Laying Hanna down, I worked my way to her pussy. It was quite hairy and needed a little persuasion from my fingers to brush through the thick. Although, it was soft and not bristly. I was a little distracted by it at first, but soon found my groove in slowly eating her out. She claimed that she enjoyed it, but would automatically fill the room with a little orchestrated moaning. I guess, this came natural to her...

    A quick break to the toilet and a wash of the mouth, we were back to finish the session off. Sex with Hanna started with cowgirl. But that didn't last, as she went fast and hard before asking me to relieve her of her duties. I obliged by plowing in with deep and slow penetrations. Embracing her in my arms, holding that perfectly petite body and locking lips was the perfect way to break in my first punt in Canberra...

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    Choke Dee Massage
    1/106 Gladstone St
    Fyshwick ACT 2609

    Pinky 7.30 pm 171018

    Finishing up from Anne's, I drove along Gladstone St where the majority of other full service shops were around. I drove past 106, and was drawn to the huge MASSAGE sign on the shop front. What better way to relax after sex, than to get a full body massage. Especially from the hands of a qualified Thai masseuse...

    I went in to a quiet place, where a lady in a robe came out and greeted me. I glanced over to the menu where there were rates that covered a normal massage, sensual massage and full service. Being the glut that I am, I asked if the sensual massage rate covered a happy ending. She nodded quietly and I was soon to part with $130.

    Pinky. The only available. Wearing short denim shorts and a t shirt. Very cute. curvy body, strong thighs, longish dyed hair, short and a sassy look about her. The whole session was expertly done, and my body was grateful for it. Turning over to the best part, I learned a thing or two about sensual massage when you're from out of town. Now, according to Pinky, a sensual massage does not include customer participation of her body, let alone her taking her clothes off! This was until I had kindly asked her to. She said that if I wanted to handle any of the goods, full service rates will apply! Well, I coaxed her out of her t shirt but I think the shorts stayed on. In the end, I enjoyed the view of her well shaped B cups and her expert stroking of my cock. This reminded me of my trip last year up in Brisbane, where a $50 would only cover the deed sans nude. Beggars can't be choosers, so this beggar enjoyed what he had paid for. It was such a shame that my hands were left idle, otherwise it would have been put to very good use...

    Surely some enterprising mamasan could see the potential of having these operations set up in the capital territory? Perhaps the laws are a little hard to get around...

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    ACT Pretty Girls
    3/77 Gladstone St
    Fyshwick ACT 2609
    02 6280 0484

    Joey 9.00 pm 171101

    My last night in Canberra was spent here, once again on Gladstone St in Fyshwick. The secure premise was run by a friendly Chinese mamasan. I didn't get her name, but I was treated well and had a good insight about the business here. Two Chinese girls came in to greet me, one after the other. Joey, and then Amy. Amy was cute, but Joey was quite stunning. However, the downside was that she was very skinny and had crooked teeth...

    She is somewhere in her mid 20's, had previously worked in Villawood, back in Sydney. But now, like the rest of her Chinese sisters, she is doing the rounds all over the major cities. Going from shop to shop, hoping to make as much as she could for whatever that is she is saving up for. Joey has, very fair skin, is 169 cm or so in height, have long luscious curls on that pretty little head of hers. She is simply beautiful...

    A little chit chat, after the shower. We washed out both our mouths with Listerine, on her insistence before I went down on her. As she enjoyed the tingling feeling. However, thinking that I was one step ahead of her idea, I took another dose of it by form of a strip that I carry in my bag. Hoping to impress her and get her in the mood for sex. Instead, the tingling sensation became a burning one, after 10 licks in! This proved too much for her pussy to bear, particularly when my tongue was lashing inbetween her vaginal lips. Joey started to almost cry out, asked me to stop, and went into the shower for an extensive wash. It was a little farcical, but worthy to note down in experience...

    My turn. I coaxed her for bbbj, which she wanted an additional tip for. We discussed over this request of mine. We didn't negotiate any further, as I thought it was a little much. Joey let up that she wanted to make me happy, and not wanting the session to sour. I wasn't going to tip what she had asked for anyway. But in hindsight, I forgotten that I had received a discount from the mamasan for an hour session. Instead, I was more fixated by what she wanted, and not seen the overall event. In that, she was the bigger person to give in to my request after all. Thinking about it now, I feel a little guilty...

    Sex with Joey was one sided at first. It was mechanical with the usual routine of foaming, dirty talking and starting the sprint to get me across the finish line. She started on top, cuddled on top of me and asked me to fuck her. This neither turned me on, or put me off. I wanted to just have a slow, steady session until it all came naturally. I finished it off being on top, penetrating deep long strokes inside her well cushioned pussy. Her foaming stopped, and I could hear deep natural breaths and her arms were moulding into my body. I came with both her legs straightened out side by side, while I straddled in between...

    I managed to relax her so that she could enjoy the session. Even if it was to entertain the fact that, it was not just a service to a client. We ended with a brief massage on the front of my legs and more idle chit chat. Joey didn't do open mouthed or long kisses either. Just quick pecks, here and there was all I was allowed to have. I couldn't remember the last time I intentionally went in for a full service punt, but Joey was a great finish to my short trip to Canberra...

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    From Sydney CBD to Central
    Excellent works brother CMK!

    Canberra used to be my original punting ground, both kinds, that's way before whatever year the Star City was opened !

    And I think everything was legally regulated and only safe sex to be had.

    And 77 gladesstone is my favourite address because of its multiple shops in one place.


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    Thanks for sharing, will be up Canberra soon to check out

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    Thanks for posting ... good intel

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    A little bit of Pinky

    I have been a regular at chokdee,in past times, when in Canberra. This was when YAYA aka SINNEY, Candy , and Jenny all worked there.

    All have now gone , only with Yaya/Sinney still working though independent. Well worth looking for her, when you are in Canberra.

    However right next door is the shop with no name and where you will still find PINKY.

    Pinky is still the same sassy, quirky young Thai woman,.

    Quite gorgeous in an unorthodox way with a husky warm voice .

    I first had a massage and HE in 2016 and at some point on a return visit in 2017 was coaxed cajoled into a FS session.

    Pinky has boundaries though with time these can and do shift,

    Just been in Canberra and spent a great 4 hours with her. Some of it been made lunch and a great durian sticky rice dessert and a couple of hours of great sex.

    She has got stamina and technique , will of course play all sorts of games when she can , - usual slow down the session - however this afternoon it was all DATY which with PINKY not all are gifted and it is a sweet pussy , multiple orgasms for her and a 3 shots for me.

    All was a bit delayed as she was concerned about her regrowth , so I ended up in the shower and with a steady hand and with her nervously holding my head , shaved her clean and pretty.

    Pinky still has a cute tight body , wide smile and perky responsive nipples , that are always sensitive...

    Always I get great laughter , great sex and care and occasionally a meal with pinky and she is a regular for me when Iím in town.

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    Some really good shops in ACT, Pretty girls my favorite

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