Shane at 244 Oxford St Paddington told me that they have a new cute girl starting this morning, Gidget. Strange name. Apparently some surfer chick from the 70's looked like her or something. He sent me a couple of photos which caught my interest so I made a booking for this afternoon and rode my motorbike down Parramatta Rd from the hot 42c Western Suburbs of Sydney to the cooler air of Paddington for my 3pm booking.

Gidget is a little Chinese pocket rocket. Knee high to a grasshopper, 40kgs, slim, nice natural A/B Cups, cute little trimmed pussy that turned out to be as tight as a Scotsmans wallet and she was wearing the same outfit as in these photos as they were taken when she arrived at the shop today.

We go to the top room and she attentively showers me and gives me a nice bbbj in the shower, down on her knees. Good start. Onto the bed and she gives me the obligatory cat bath and nipple suck to get my old fella up and going. I play with her little body and small tits as she goes about her business and I reach down to finger her tight little pussy which is already nice and moist.

Gidget initially comes across a reserved, quiet girl, probably because she speaks no English but that was about to change once she got my large cock in her mouth. WOW. She has a small mouth but she was a blowjob Queen extraordinaire. Fantastic. She took me deep inside her mouth and was gagging away with my cock hitting the back of her throat, she would then pull me out and lick, suck, spit on my cock, deep throat me again. I was a bit shocked at how good she was and how much effort she was putting in as it was very unexpected. A top 10 blowjob girl. Worth the admission price right there.

After the bbbj, I wanted to get inside her tight little trimmed snatch. I DATY her a bit to make sure she is nice and warmed up and then dom up, she lubes my cock as it looked like this is going to be a tight fit and in I ease myself in mish. Gidget has one of the tightest pussies I have ever fucked. It felt ribbed inside and was really strangling my cock as I fucked her. I call her the Pocket Rocket as she is a great fuck. I am 6ft and 85kg and she would be less than 5ft and 40kg so I expected her to struggle but we fucked and fucked like pornstars for most of the one hour session.

There were three highlights of the fucking. First her tight pussy. Second when she jumped on top in cowgirl as I was rock hard (aided by 100mg Viagra ) and she fucked my concrete flagpole with her little pussy like she was one of the top pornstars from Brazzers with her little tits jiggling up and down, her long hair flowing freely over her face and snatch bashing up and down on me as she rubbed her clit hard on my cock until she burst into a lovely orgasm. What a sight.

I let her rest and we fucked a bit more in mish and scissors but the final highlight was fucking Gidget in high doggie. I flipped her over, put her in normal doggie position but naughty Gidget wanted more deep penetration. She pushed her face deep down into the pillow and raised her arse right up high into the air until her little arsehole was right in my face and her little pussy lips were sticking out of the back of her arse, shouting out to be fucked hard and licked into submission. Before I started I took a few seconds just to look at that sight from behind and thought "I fucking love my life".

This was the position that I had her in. Her cunt and arsehole looked amazing. Small, clean and very fuckable.

I then proceeded to hammer her pussy hard from behind. After each 20 or so strokes I would pull out and DATY her from behind whilst I reached underneath and played with her swaying breasts and I even got my finger deep inside her bum hole and I could feel my cock deep plunging her pussy from a couple of inches deep inside her arse. I fucked her like this for a few minutes with her yelping underneath like a little dog. Total porno. I loved it.

Time was unfortunately running out. I was tempted to extend but I looked at her as I fucked her in mish and even though she is a little pocket rocket, I could see that she looked a bit tired as I had fucked her hardcore for most of the hour so I blew my load in the dom.

I really loved Gidget. She was full of little surprises throughout the session. She would not say Boo to a goose at the start and by the end I was looking at this tight little package thinking she had fucked, sucked and serviced me to within an inch of my life.

Sometimes big things come inside small packages. Go Gidget.