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Thread: Nicole at Kelly's - good session, lovely girl

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    Nicole at Kelly's - good session, lovely girl

    Person's Name : Nicole

    Establishment : Kelly's Asian Flowers

    Date of Visit : 8/6/21

    Contact Details/Address/Weblink : Kelly's Asian Flowers - Adult Service, Brothel, Escort, five dock Massage @ Five Dock Sydney

    Phone : 9713 9378

    Hours of Business : 10 til late

    Rates : $150/hr

    Age : 30-something

    Size/shape : Nice slim figure, B-cups, fully shaved, some tatts

    Nationality or Ethnicity : Vietnamese

    Services Provided : BBBJ, pussy-slide, face-sitting, FIV, DATY, cowgirl, doggie, FIA, mish

    Value for money/recommend? : Yes - a good session

    My experience/comments : This is the second Nicole I’ve seen at Kelly’s and she is definitely different from the tall one I saw there 18 months ago.

    When I arrived Kelly sent me up to Room 3 where Nicole was waiting.

    She has a sort of cute face with her hair in a bob-cut and was wearing a white bra and knickers.

    She was immediately playful and we chatted while I stripped – her English is very good. She said she was from Vietnam and has been in Australia for several years.

    I showered and she stripped – nice slim figure with B-cups and some tattoos and was fully and freshly shaved – and she lay on the bed.

    While I dried myself Nicole was on her back and cheekily spread her legs and asked me what I was looking at. “Your pussy”, I said. “Does it look good?” “Yes, it looks very tasty”.

    Nicole then sat on the edge of the bed while I stood in front of her and she applied some lube to my cock and started stroking and sucking it. I soon had to lie down so she could blow me properly.

    It was a good BBBJ – a little bit toothy at times (I told her this afterwards) but with no interruptions and very good hand-action. She also applied some lube to my arsehole and tickled it with a very small amount of penetration.

    Nicole then moved up for an excellent pussy-slide which appeared to get her really horny and she soon wanted to fuck but it was way too early so I asked for some 69. Instead of turning round she moved up and sat on my face and got quite vocal while I licked her.

    Next it was more BJ and, as she was kneeling beside me, I played with her pussy and then started finger-fucking her.

    Loads of lube was used (she clearly doesn’t mind the taste) and her hand-action was so good that I had to get her to stop and lie down for some DATY.

    This was very good as she really got into it, writhing around and getting quite loud while I licked and finger-fucked her. At one stage I was watching her masturbate and I withdrew my finger from her pussy and offered it to her and she eagerly sucked it – very sexy.

    I think she came and she later told me she had done so.

    I lay down for some more BJ followed by another pussy-slide and I soon had to ask her to get a condom.

    Cowgirl first and Nicole rode me with great passion and energy while making some lovely facial expressions.

    When she tired I asked for some doggie and stood by the bed. This was excellent as she has a shapely bum and was getting loud again as she rocked back and forth on my cock while my thumb was fully up her arsehole.

    I decided to see it anal was an option and applied some lube. She didn’t stop me but I could only get a little way in but she seemed discomforted so I moved back to her pussy. (I couldn’t get in enough to include anal as one of the services provided.)

    Nicole said she wanted to suck me but I got her to lie down for some mish and could easily have finished like that but I withdrew, removed the condom and lay down for some more BJ.

    More lube was applied and she alternated between sucking me and stroking me and I came while she was stroking me so it wasn’t a CIM ending but it was still good.

    We collapsed on the bed and Nicole lay in my arms for a chat. She said she only started doing this a few weeks ago and also has another job (not as a WL).

    Time to shower and as I sat on the edge of the bed to dress myself Nicole lay back on the couch right in front of me with her legs apart, sexily airing her pussy (I’m sure it winked at me!!) Although she says she is new to the job and seems uncertain about her standard of service, she certainly is not shy.

    After a farewell hug, with Nicole telling me I was the best fuck ever (and me happy to believe her!!!), I went downstairs for a chat with Kelly and I said hello to Mimi who had just turned up for work.

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    I am planning on going there within the next few weeks maybe this is a great option. Cheers for the reviw

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    Thanks for the original review. She speaks good English and is a bit older than what I expected. Lets you finger her ass and all but it's very tight if you want to get in there.

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