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Thread: SKY - When the Sky Has No Limits!!!

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    SKY - When the Sky Has No Limits!!!

    Person's Name : Sky

    Establishment : Paddington 244

    Rates : $160/hour

    Age : Late 20's(?)

    Size/shape : 170 cm tall, shaped like a real woman - gym body.

    Nationality or Ethnicity : Chinese

    Services Provided : BBBJ, 69, DATY, FS. GFE/PSE


    Shane mentioned at the end of my Summer review that a new girl was starting today - Sky! I spent last night waiting for my wechat to do whatever it does and provide me with some updates and photos of Sky. Finally after 11pm, with much buzzing, shaking and vibrating a set of photos arrived that showed a sophisticated looking lady looking pretty trim, taut and terrific! I almost did a dance of joy until I realised that my body was still sore as hell from falling out of my shower yesterday while disco dancing and singing "Hot Summer Nights" in anticipation of my visit to see Summer yesterday morning!

    I arrived at 244 in the morning, around the time I usually arrive, which happens to coincide with the moment I walk in the door... Angela was waiting for me!! Well, not really, but she was expecting me to arrive and gave me a warm welcome and apologised that Sky was stuck in traffic! We had no ETA for Sky, other than she was stuck, and when she arrives, there's that mess to find parking.. Angela takes pity on me and came up with a great solution - "Darling, why don't you see Eva for 1 hour while we wait for Sky to get here?" What an awesome suggestion!! I always follow good advice and prompty took Eva up for the hour! Eva and I finish our awesome session and I walked down, completely fucked and drained of all energy! Angela and Eva looked after me while I sat down and thought about nothing but resting at this point. After sitting and chatting to Angela for about 10 minutes, she informs me "Sky is here now" .. I am thinking Fuck me... how am I going to get out of this?? As all and sundry know, I am a 1 shot guy and Angela finally convinces me to have a session with Sky at which point I think is more out of guilt on my part than any excitement at seeing my flaccid Rockbunny trying to raise a whimper so soon after an awesome session..

    Soon after my agreement, Angela call to Sky to let her know that I am on my way in...


    With my enthusiasm slightly lacking, I walk into the room to find a beautiful woman with knee high sexy silver boots sitting on the edge of the bed! Angela introduced me to Sky and I did the usual kiss the back of her hand routine and receved a great smile from Sky. Sky is fluent in English. At this point, I am thinking what a great double this would be .. Angela and Sky Vs A&L !!! I sighed, even if the attention of 2 beautiful women didn't kill me, I was sure that once Shane found out that I went MFF and not MMFF with him included, he would kill me!!! Once Angela left the room, Sky got everything in order and soon had the shower going.

    I hopped into the shower and Sky gave me a good old wash down and made sure that I was in top notch cleanliness to continue... we had cleaned up, but once finished, I looked around but there were no towels to be seen! Sky just shrugged, got the hot water started again, got down on her knees and commenced a session of BBBJ on little RBJ (RockBunny Junior). I wasn't prepared for what happened next... Sky's skills at providing a BBBJ are actually the BEST I have ever had the pleasure to experience! My cock was so flaccid to start with that I thought I had no hope of a session... but within 10 sec, not only did Sky have RBJ standing at attention, she turned RBJ into a concrete pole!!! Fucking amazing skill!! Sky kept up the effort and using her tongue along with the motion almost had me blowing my load in the shower only 5 min into the session!

    I moved away a little and Sky looks up with a smile on her face. She tells me to wait while she hops out of the shower dripping wet in search of some towels. Meanwhile, I am standing there, soaking wet and shivering like a dog shitting razor blades, fortunately, Sky quickly returns with an armful of towels and I dry myself off. Sky looks at me and asks me to not dry RBJ, as she wants him wet to start with... I am standing there wondering WTF? Why would she want a wet cock? (at this point, I giggled like a dickhead thinking about Sky holding a half drowned rooster.. I am starting to think I need some help...)

    Sky gets me to lay on my back and starts to get into kissing with me, she is an incredible kisser and soon starts to work her way down to little, wet RBJ... as we only have a 30 min session today, I ask her to throw a leg over so I can provide a bit of stimulation at the same time, 69 being a favourite. Sky mounts me and I soon discovered why she wanted to leave my RBJ soaking wet.. I started licking her and zoning into her sweet spot.. meanwhile, Sky starts by using her skills to get RBJ rock hard again and he soon obliged as if he had a mind of his own, amazingly, once my cock was a solid rod, Sky went the whole hog all at once and gave me a BBBJDT that I will never forget!! I felt my knob sliding into the back of her throat and even further!! And she didn't batter an eyelid!! This is only the second time that I had seen a girl do a genuine DT without gagging at all!! Naturally in my excitement, I grabbed her ass hard and used my tongue to the point where she was moaning around my cock! I must have been doing something right as Sky began to shake and shudder on top of me and suddenly sat straight up, releasing RBJ to be free again and ground her pussy on my face and tongue with her juices flowing more freely than I could ever imagine!

    I flip her over in mish and started to do a cock slide on her shaved pussy, stimulating her clit as she began to time her thrusts with me.. her moaning continued and she tells me that she want to fuck now.. ok.. Sky doms me up, I am not sure if I can get a shot off so soon after the last session but I commence my slow routine to build her up. Sky's eyes light up and said "Just a minute! I have a toy!!" Well, Sky grabs her "toy" and starts to stimulate herself as I pounding her in mish! I am pumping away and her face is soon completely covered in sweat - Sky is REALLY getting into this session with me and I watch in wonder as I try to get her to cum while she uses her toy and sweating up a storm. It was amazing! Suddenly, she just drops her toy, grabs my ass and pulls me in so hard until she came moments later.. I ask her if she is ok, and she replied "I am Great, better than a gym workout" as I admire her toned, sweaty body.

    Sky looks at me and sees that I nowhere near blowing a load yet and suggested doggie, ok I thought, doggie is the quickest way to get me off.. but let me tell you, Sky's version of doggie was a sight to behold! I hopped off the bed to go to the end, but she said no, stay of the bed. Sky then is kneeling on the edge of the bed, puts her head on the fucking floor while I pump from behind holding her ankles even higher!! The penetration was amazing as was the sight of this in the mirror!! In a marathon effort that lasted all of 2 minutes, Sky could see I was tiring and then got me to lay on my back rest.. she mounts me in perfect CG and pounds the fuck out of me for a few more minutes. I looked at the clock and I was already 5 minutes over time, I apologised to Sky and said I usually have trouble to blow after an earlier hour session.

    Sky looked at me and said "Keep going, you aren't going anywhere until you cum!" FUUUUCK!! Sky lays down in mish and I start my routine and softly fuck her with my tip.. Sky grabs her toy and starts to buzz the right spot again and soon she is sweating up a storm and REALLY enjoying herself... I felt the familiar pressure finally building as I start to pound this erotically beautiful woman under me, who is so into the session that she didn't give a crap about the time... I was building the pressure and starting to make some weird ass noises as well which seemed to drive Sky wild as she drops her toy again (across my knob !) and I watch her belly in amazement as if I was watch the waves of a rough sea moving down towards her pussy! I suddenly shot my load and she was howling at the same time I tried to continue pounding her to finish and finally I collapsed on top of her, completely fucked, completely amazed and completely happy!


    Wow... just fucking WOW! Her skills at BJ/BJDT are second to none! She was completely uninhibited, and had me wishing for an hour.

    Sky managed to get me to blow my load at around 40 min mark.. that takes a lot of skill, a lot of sexiness. She has the right mix of GFE/PSE for me!

    Sky's version of doggie was ultra sexy and if I tried without blowing a load before I seen her, I don't even think I would reach her - I would blow my load before I could even touch her!!!

    Thank you Angela for convincing me to give Sky a go, even though it went for a bit longer than my 30 minutes.

    Thank you Shane and Angela for yet another completely different girl compared to others at 244. Sky is Awesome.

    Thank you Sky for caring enough and enjoying yourself enough to keep going well past our finish time! And I would love to see you wear those sexy space looking knee high silver boots next time!
    If You could only save me,
    I'm drowning in the
    Waters of My Soul !!


    A woman who shares her body for pleasure
    is deserving to have that pleasure reciprocated.

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    Rock thanks another great I guess Sky has some very special skills

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    Nice review Ass,

    I like it when a girl is nice and relaxed and uses the toys.

    That reminds me, in that top room No1 at Paddo in the corner of the shower is a huge green dildo in a bucket. It is always there but none of the girls seem to touch it.....unless I am missing out big time.

    Perhaps Shane and Angela use it when they shower together

    Is it a bird, is it a plane, no its Punterman. Always seeking out good value bbbj, DFK, DATY for $150 hr in the Western Sydney brothels.

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    It is only for special occasions not for you unless you are irish

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    Quote Originally Posted by paddington244 View Post
    It is only for special occasions not for you unless you are irish
    Now remind me Shane, when is St Patrick's Day.......perhaps the mystery of the large green dildo will finally be solved.

    Leprechaun orgy perhaps ?

    Is it a bird, is it a plane, no its Punterman. Always seeking out good value bbbj, DFK, DATY for $150 hr in the Western Sydney brothels.

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    you need to have special talents to play with the green

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