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    Bubbles Imagine Twice

    <Disclaimer this report is my opinion only and could be differ for the others.>

    A couple of weeks lately I found myself always back to Paddo244. Monica, Eva and Bunny are some girls that I have met. Especially Bunny I have a bliss with her. After a session with her, my cockís memory pounding like crazy, but unfortunately she is Friday only girl. So after a long torture weekends, I give up my urge and come back to Paddo on Monday.

    There I met Bubbles, a brand new girl of Paddo. Chinese girl in 25+ in my eyes opinion, very slim, A cup and speak a limited English. But somehow when I encounter her closely and on the bed, I feel like Iím having sex with Hirai Momo of korean girls group Twice.


    Her moan (sound), giggle and face closely a bit like Momo. Minus Momoís abs, boobs (maybe) and age wise (just imagine it as older Momo).

    So the clumsy Momo (Bubbles) just start her first day in Paddo, she only took 1 towel from laundry room and direct me up to our room upstairs. She tripped a bit on the stairs because of the height. In the room she spontaneously undress me, so I return the favour to undress her. But I like to play a bit, from behind and from under her 1 piece dress I squeeze her boobs and play her clit. I drag her to the mirror in the room to get a better view. she moans sensually and start getting wet below. My little J woke up and snuck up between her legs. She was surprise and giggle, and she squeeze my little J between her labia lips. we looking ourselves in front of mirror, kissing and caressing our body, and a bit of bumping my little J. Then she suggest to up to the showers. Our play continue there and I bite her little ass, while she prepare the right temperature. She giggles cutely in the shower when we clean each other. And then she start kissing my inner legs, balls liking and BBBJ. She dried me throughly and I dried her with the same towel, we share our towel together (usually we have our own towels in Paddo, but clumsy Bubbles just bring 1. I donít mind, feel more intimate). I pickup her weightless body and sitting her on the edge of the bed. She start kissing my chest and licking my nipple. I give her the favour back and lay her on the bed. I kiss her little breast, playing my tongue on her nipple and slowly suck her breast into my mouth. she had a soft and flexible small breast. I can suck / shape a tiny breast in my mouth and start chewing / squeezing it in my mouth. I ask her if itís hurt her, she said no and she looks enjoy it and moans a lot. After series of kissing and pecking her body, she want to suck my little J. We start with me on top of her and than we change with me on my back. She give me an enthusiastic and playfully blow job with slurping and ball tickling. Than in my turn I give her DATY with a bit fingering technique. I can hear her moan in desperate and her body rumbling in orgasm. After that she dom me and we start with missionary position, and than follow with scissors position after a while. I got myself hot and tired, so I asked her to do cowgirl. Her slim body hop on me and start humping my little J down to her pussy. I played with her nipple and her boobs. I tried to hold as long as I can and kiss her to make her slow down, but my J is extremely happy and cannot hold anymore. Soon we collapse in exhausted and she put her head on my belly and I tried to get my breath back. I remember she look at me to see how I am going and she smile similarly as the photo above.

    After a couple minutes of rest, we decided to hop to the shower to refresh ourselves. She trip herself at the edge of the bed and fall with laugh of her clumsiness on me. She also looks wobbly in the shower. I get a change to soap her slim body and rub our body against each other. Then we back to bed to kill time and get a little chat. I show her my impression of her during the session and show her Momoís photo. She denied it that the photo resemble a bit like her. Maybe it just my crazy imagination, but what the hell I like my imagination / dream.


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    Netz sorry mate I missed your review thanks nice work


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    Great review Netz,

    I met Bubbles in reception last week and she is a cutie. She is on my to do list.
    Is it a bird, is it a plane, no its Punterman. Always seeking out good value bbbj, DFK, DATY for $150 hr in the Western Sydney brothels.

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    dont miss her great sex

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