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Thread: Yuki at Kelly's - very good, lovely girl

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    Yuki at Kelly's - very good, lovely girl

    Person's Name : Yuki

    Establishment : Kelly's Asian Flowers

    Date of Visit : 22/6/21

    Contact Details/Address/Weblink : Kelly's Asian Flowers - Adult Service, Brothel, Escort, five dock Massage @ Five Dock Sydney

    Phone : 9713 9378

    Hours of Business : 10 til late

    Rates : $150/hr

    Age : Early to mid 30s?

    Size/shape : Pretty face, nice curvy figure, decent C-cups, trimmed bush

    Nationality or Ethnicity : Half Malay, half Japanese - Chinese speaking

    Services Provided : DFKing, BBBJ, 69, FIV, DATY, face-sitting, cow-girl, reverse CG, doggie, mish

    Value for money/recommend? : Yes - a very good and enjoyable session

    My experience/comments : Kelly called me yesterday evening saying she had a new girl starting today, describing her as pretty. I asked about service and Kelly was honest in saying she didn’t know because she hadn’t started working yet. Kelly then sent me a photo and I booked her.

    Yuki was ready when I turned up and I went straight into the front downstairs room.

    Yuki was immediately friendly and cheerful, hugging and kissing me. She is pretty and was wearing a long black lacy thing over a black bra and g-string.

    She said it was her first day at the shop and I was her first customer (but, as I later discovered, she has previously worked at other shops).

    I showered and Yuki stripped. She has a nice curvy figure (very slightly cuddly but not too bad) with decent C-cups and a trimmed bush.

    Onto the bed and Yuki was soon between my legs sucking me.

    It was a very good BBBJ – no teeth, plenty of saliva, good tongue- and hand-action, no interruptions and lovely eye-contact. Yuki also watched the action in the side-on mirror which I always enjoy seeing.

    Yuki then moved round to kneel by my side so I started to finger her clit and she soon moved further round for some 69.

    She was soon moaning quite loudly and then pulled away for a breather – she might have cum that time but I’m not certain.

    Yuki knelt beside me for some more BJ and I inserted a finger in her pussy.

    I then got her to lie down for some DATY, with more finger-fucking. This was very good as she got very wet and quite loud as she held on to my head and she then pushed me away, saying she’d cum – she was certainly nice and wet.

    I knelt by her head and she sucked me some more (the view in the mirror at the head of the bed was great) and I rubbed her clit and she told me she’d cum again.

    I lay down for some more BJ (it was very good) and I then asked her to move up and sit on my face. Yuki got loud again while I looked up at and played with her tits.

    A bit more BJ and I then asked her to get a condom.

    I asked about CIM but she said “No”.

    Lube was applied and we started with some cowgirl and Yuki rode me with great passion and energy (and lots of fleshy slapping noises).

    She then dismounted and turned round for some reverse CG – great view.

    I asked for some doggie and stood by the side of the bed. The bed is high in this room but Yuki knelt at the edge, nice and low – just at the right height.

    This was very good as she has a nice round butt and we both watched the action in the mirror in front of us (but no anal fingering was allowed).

    I could have cum like that but it was a bit too early so I got her to lie down for some mish.

    This was also good as Yuki got quite loud again and each time I slowed down to prolong the action we had some tongue-wrestling.

    After a good pounding I couldn’t hold back any longer and squirted.

    I lay down and Yuki tidied me up. She kept saying I was “Number 1” but that was probably because I was her first customer at the shop!!!

    Yuki lay in my arms for a cuddle and a chat – her English is pretty good. She said she was raised in Malaysia (I didn’t recognise the name of the city) but her mother was Japanese. She has been in Australia a couple of year and was recently working in Melbourne but before that worked at 429a Pitt St, also as Yuki.

    I asked her age and she asked me to guess. I thought she was probably approaching mid-30s but, as I always do, I politely deducted a few years, saying “29”. Just about every time this happens the girl adds one year to my estimate, so Yuki said she was 30. Who knows?

    Yuki started playing with my cock and I was soon hard again. She asked whether I wanted to fuck again but time was up and we showered and dressed.

    Before leaving I went and had a chat with Kelly who gave me some intel on a couple of other new girls.

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    Thanks for the report.
    Has the number of girls increased? Last couple of times I went there were only 2 girls on.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DanDan88 View Post
    Thanks for the report.
    Has the number of girls increased? Last couple of times I went there were only 2 girls on.
    There were three girls there when I arrived quite early (Yuki, Whiskey and Nicole) and two others (Mimi and Jessica) arrived late morning when I was chatting to Kelly. Sakura was also on the roster and might have been there but I didn't see her (she often has long bookings). Kelly has six rooms and never has more than six girls working any day.

    I have been there some mornings recently when she had only a couple of girls working but she's had some new additions to the roster recently so things seem to be picking up.

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