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Thread: Thai Lily - A princess

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    Thai Lily - A princess

    I have been off the review radar for a while as I had settled into seeing three girls on a regular basis.

    Today I had a change in my schedule which gave me a window to see one of these girls.

    I go to the 42g roster and not one of them are on duty.

    Do I or donít I?

    It was with much trepidation that I booked a new girl called Lily. This girl apparently is Thai and not the Lily (Korean) who has been reviewed by Boater. The photo on WeChat is the Korean version.

    Why trepidation? Well the three girls I see have a particular style, which I like. We get on really well and the sex is amazing. Seeing someone new will mean that I am going into a punt where the WL and I will have different expectations.

    Within 1 second of meeting this girl Thai Lily I was absolutely mesmerised.

    This girl is beautiful. She has long black hair, amazing eyes, high cheek bones, and a smile which would melt any heart. She is dressed in a LBD which accentuates her amazing body. She is shortish, around 153cm. She has fit legs. Immediately I could tell she is very shy. Maybe she is new to 42g, or even new to the industry.

    Being completely mesmerised by this exotic beauty, I became overwhelmed with nervousness.

    Once into the room and the door locked the nervous tension was overpowering. I could cut the atmosphere with a knife.

    We both stripped in preparation for the shower. At this stage not one word has been spoke, just lots of eye contact and the vibe between us was easily detectable.

    We showered without much play.

    Onto the bed and we hugged. Lily responded to the hug with an expectation from her that the hug would be over quickly and it would be into business. I felt that to her surprise I did not let go and she snuggled in and held me as tight as I was holding her. We unlocked as we both looked into each others eyes and then kissed.

    That kiss. Wow! Soft, tender, and passionate. Little or no tongue, just amazingly sensual.

    I could feel her nervousness as she was shaking even though the airconditioner in the room was turned up to about 30 degrees.

    We both lay on the bed and continued kissing.

    I am sure Lily had a routine, however, she threw the run sheet away as she realised it was her who was going to be the centre of attention

    I then moved down her soft amazing body, moving past her enhanced breasts, reaching her vagina.

    From here I will summarise.

    The most blissful, sensual, erotic time I have ever spent with a working girl.

    DATY with her was the most pleasurable experience. A shaved pussy which revealed soft girly bits ready to be teased and turned on. Lily realised with my approach that she could move me around and get the ultimate experience.

    No fake moaning, just pleasure moans as she rolled through orgasm after orgasm. I can still taste the sweetness of this amazing love mound on my lips, and smell of her in my nose.

    Her BBBJ on me was equally as soft and slow as my oral sex with her. We interrupted occasionally for more passionate kissing.

    Seriously, I am struggling to believe that I am with this amazing beauty who is shy, nervous, yet responsive to soft sensual sexual passion.

    Then sex with Lily. In mish. She never took her eyes off me. Slow and gentle sex. Our lips touching in passionate embrace. Her hands exploring my balls. Truly amazing. I lost track of time. She had to stop me a couple of times as she was finding it difficult to stay the distance. Yet, her orgasms were full of passion and feeling.

    The alarm went off. I had to finish. All good things had to come to an end.

    Maybe our Lily is a formidable actress. Her hugs and kisses at the end were just the magic that was required when something this good happens.

    Thank you 42g for presenting this amazing beauty.

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    sounds great, i wonder if the shop will put up a pic

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    Quote Originally Posted by limbi8888 View Post
    sounds great, i wonder if the shop will put up a pic
    I think there is a picture.

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    Thanks for the after report brother
    Always a pleasure to have you here
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