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Thread: Double pots of Honey - Silver and Cutie.

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    Double pots of Honey - Silver and Cutie.

    I had a booking on Monday evening for Wendy but arrived & Angela sadly told me that Wendy didn't come

    in.But she had a special treat....a special...handpicked double package for me.She said I wouldn't be

    disappointed & she also gave me a special discounted price due to Wendy not being available.

    I have never had two girls in my life I was a two girl cherry boy
    And Angela knows what I like, DFK, DATY, Pussy slide, fingering so this was going to be something special.

    I was ushered upstairs to the end bedroom.
    No girls yet so I undress & wait in anticipation like a naughty boy.
    I was nervous...I am not young & two hot 244 I cope.
    I have read Shane tell stories of guys barely making it down the stairs, weak legged after just one me two girls....would they have to carry me out on a stretcher...oh even more nervous now.

    So in walked a school girl...and her friend...not much older.
    Both drop dead gorgeous.
    They slowly disrobe while teasing me.
    Wow...both had slim bodies to kill for...both natural boobs. Both clean shaven.
    Was I in heaven already.

    The school girl...Cutie...jumps on the bed while the older Siver runs the shower to a respectable temp. Cutie lays back & opens her legs & invites me to check her clean shaven pussy. I run a finger over it & declare it's a juicy honey pot.

    I am led into the shower...soaped up...teased...two pussies grinding all over my hands exploring the natural boobs & dripping wet honey pots. Is this is heaven...please sign me up.
    Wow...I ask if we can get dried up & start the real fun.

    Both girls were a bit shy & played hard to get. But once I started DATY Cutie couldn't get enough...she loved it.I spent a good half hour eating Cutie out while Silver teased me other ways.
    Now Silvers turn for DATY...slow at first but she couldn't get enough either.
    Cutie doesn't really like DFK...but was like I was her long lost boyfriend.
    And Cutie spent most of the second half hour stradling my face & moaning while I ate her out more.

    One hour...two hot girls with dripping honey older guy & I still managed to get off two shots...never had two shots in an hour a double two girl cherry boy first.

    Both girls wanted me to be their boyfriend and I'm sure I could have taken either home.

    Wow...Wow...Wow...Cutie & Silver double.

    I can't wait until my next trip to Sydney & walk up that Stairway to 244 Heaven.

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    Thanks Jonny great review and I know you eventually met the Wendy the wild one in for
    the full rocking extravaganza

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    Yes...Review on my girlfriend Wendy coming soon.
    Everytime I think of the session with her on Thursday afternoon my pulse rises & I can't concentrate I have to wait until I calm down to try again

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    Cutie here today

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