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Thread: Wendy...girlfriend material...and sexy as hell.

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    Wendy...girlfriend material...and sexy as hell.

    Well I finally managed to get a booking with the wild, orgasmic fuck machine, fun & teasing Wendy.

    I finished my conference event early & was horny as hell..wechatted Angela & she said Wendy is on & waiting for you.
    I make it back to the hotel...change & hightail it by cab to the fabulous 244 Stairway to Heaven.
    I a nervous naughty boy...ring the doorbell and am let in.
    Am taken to the front room & asked to wait...Wendy will be with you soon.

    I am shaking...last time I had a massage half hour with Wendy and she teased the hell out of me before my booking with Crystal. She wanted me to fuck her then...loving me up like a boyfriend...kisses all over my body...stripping...teasing the hell out of me.
    Since that night I read stories from Shane where she had demolished a few good guys & exhausted them so they could barely walk out. What would she do to me this time. Was I ready.

    I stripped off...I had showered at the hotel so I could have my way with the lovely Wendy for a full hour. I sat on the bed nervous as hell.

    In walks as I remembered...I said...remember me...she smiled & said you no fuck fuck Johnny. Oh dear.
    She peels off her sparking outfit to reveal her gorgeous girly slim figure....WoW...
    She says shower...I said I had already showered & she cozies up to me on the bed...girlfriend like & smothers me with kisses & caresses.
    Before long I was eating her out (DATY) and she was moaing & grinding her pussy harder against my tongue. She came.
    This went on for a good 20 mins & she came many times.
    She repaid the DATY with a nice pussy slide...she was already dripping it was hard to resist accidentally slipping in. But I did.
    I was feeling like I wanted to be deep inside her unshaven heavenly pleasure slot.
    She sensed this & no fuck fuck last time so Wendy no fuck fuck you this time.

    So I layed her on her back & teased her clit with my tip....she said fuck fuck Johnny.
    I said ok...and then ate her out some more...she came again.

    We played this game for about 15 mins.

    In the end it was too much for her....she begged me to fuck her.

    So on with the dom & I give it to her.
    Her head was banging on the bedhead & she moaned & moaned....loudly.
    She was so loud I thought Angela might think I was killing her.
    After 10 mins I came like a rocket blast and she kept pulling me in & squeezing harder & harder & moaning.

    She finally came & then we cuddled like girlfriend & boyfriend until Angela knocked on the door.

    She didn't want me to go.

    My girlfriend Wendy....what a girl.

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    Great review

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    A bit of nice humour as well I love when reviews bring smiles to my face

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    Punterman can normally be found with his cock buried inside an Asian girls pussy in Western Sydney.
    Gotta love Wendy

    Forum members if you want a wild, loud, orgasmic punt with a busty crazy girl, you gotta go and try Wendy.

    You won't regret it.

    Just read her reviews. She is one hell of a ride. Hold on and light the blue touch paper.

    If any punters know Rainbow at Seven Hills, Wendy is a bit like her. Awesome.
    Is it a bird, is it a plane, no its Punterman. Always seeking out good value bbbj, DFK, DATY for $150 hr in the Western Sydney brothels.

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    Thanks BC she is a sex animal but one of the more genuine girls to work at 244

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    next visit...if Wendy don't get jealous I'd love to try her & Silver together. Start Silver up & she'd be an awesome duo for Wendy. But..I think...they would kill me...and Shane would have to call the ambulance

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    Quote Originally Posted by Brothelcreeper View Post

    If any punters know Rainbow at Seven Hills, Wendy is a bit like her. Awesome.
    I actually quite love this comparison. They're both girls who just seem to really love their jobs and just really love to have sex haha.

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    All of our girls love their work

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