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Thread: Sammie - The BBBJ Extraordinaire

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    Sammie - The BBBJ Extraordinaire

    After a tiring day of work in Western Sydney. I found my way to the city with time to kill before meeting up with some mates for dinner and an exploration of the Vivid lights. On a whim, I opened up WeChat and messaged 244 and asked which girls were on, with new names in the mix, I opted just to go there without a booking and see the lineup.

    The ever friendly Angela met me at the door with a hug and a cheek to cheek then showed me to my room. Of those whom came in, Sammie was the most enthusiastic so I opted an hour with her.

    Sammie is from China, in her late 20s, 160cm tall with C cups (enhanced most likely though I could be wrong.) She has a very firm body with some toned abs showing. It was her first day at 244.

    We had a very quick shower (though she did tease the hell out of me in the short time we were in there) and straight onto the bed where she jumped on me and attacked my tongue straight away.
    A short cat bath and she went straight for the BBBJ.

    Let me tell you guys, this was one of the best BBBJs I have ever received in my life. I've experienced some really bad toothy BJs, some really awesome sloppy JAV styled BJs, but this one was just flat out amazing. She took in 90% of my member, first very slow, then went faster and faster. Most of the time she had no hands and it was all head movement. She then opted for a fire and ice BJ.

    After a solid 20min of sucking I asked "you've put in a lot of energy, did you want to get on your back and let me fuck you?" and she said "No it's alright, i love sucking, let me suck you a bit longer."

    How can I say not to that?!

    And so she did suck me a bit more tenderly and gave me more access to her boobs and pussy. I started rubbing her slowly down there and felt her getting more and more wet. After about 5 minutes I asked for the condom.

    I asked her what her favorite position was and she without saying a word she jumped straight into doggy. Usually I'm a slow and tender lover, but Sammie's BJ was so damn good and porn star like, i wanted to treat her like one. I fucked her in doggy, kissing her neck and attacked her tongue over her shoulder while pumping in and out of her. She didn't moan as loudly as other girls but I can see her panting, gripping the sheets and mumbling "more" and "faster" under her breath. I asked her if she liked it and she said "I love it!" We moved over to her on top where she got her revenge. Just as I was slamming into her in doggy, she was in a squat position and was slamming into me right back. After a while it did start to her so I held her thighs up and just started pumping up into her. We then moved over in missionary where she opened her legs straight open and when I was in position, she pulled me down ontop of her. She grabbed me by the hips and was pulling me in harder and faster.

    I was about to cum. so I pulled out of her, took off the dom and started jacking off to which she sat up and put her mouth at the tip of my member eagerly awaiting for me to cum. As soon as she felt the first drop she pushed away my hand, took me in her mouth and sucked the rest out of me. (note to any gentleman, this is an extra that we discussed before the session started)

    We had a quick shower then she gave me a massage until the door was knocked on. I didn't have cash on me so I asked Angela if I could pay for the extra CIM by card. (It was $50 but that moment was worth every cent)

    In the short time I've punted at 244, I've had some really amazing sessions. But this was by far my favorite.

    Face: A- (she's quite cute, not a glamour but definitely someone you'd want to pick up at a club)
    Body: A-

    Massage/Foreplay: N/A (it was really quick and we got to the main event pretty quickly)
    BBBJ: A++
    Sex: A
    Misc/Attitude: A (Her English was ok, she was very attentive, she looked like she showed genuine interest in me throughout the session and it was just a really good session)

    Would I recommend?

    No. Leave her alone cause I want her all to myself haha.
    But in reality, I would 200% recommend her to anyone looking to try this establishment.

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    Thanks for the review her photos will be up on Wednesday

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    Sammie will be here Wednesday

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    I suggest you also try Cathy who I am looking at across the room at the moment
    I have real good feelings that she will be a Paddington star

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    Sammie juicy body

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    Her and Molly together would be good combo

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    sammie with a e and boobs with a d

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    Sammie has an unbelievable figure

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    Sammie is back Hubba hubba

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    Sammie BBBJ queen

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    did she get trained to do this amazing bbbj. do all 244 women get trained up?

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    Join Sammie today

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    Join Sammie and the Paddington Thursday team

    Thursday girls

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    Sammie here tomorrow
    yummy yummy

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    what a bod she is here today

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    Sammie part of the Paddington bevy today
    Friday girls always are strong

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    sexy sammie here all day on friday

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