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Thread: DEER - the quintessential pocket rocket.

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    DEER - the quintessential pocket rocket.

    I get bloody horny with just 1 punt a week.
    So after several failed attempts to get to my cheap regular ML (just to scratch the itch). I ended up back at 278 with someone I havenít seen in about 7 months and have never actually done an AR on.

    First saw DEER as BABY@5star when she just turned 20, (must have been 4 visits) then once at n5m, ran into her at Kyoto206 once on her way out and now at 278.

    She hasnít changed in appearance much at all. She was probably a tad skinnier when she first started at 5star but the extra weight actually makes her boobs fit better on her tiny frame and seem more real. She still has very skinny legs (tat on one of them), slim shoulders and as many in this forum will attest to she is a very, very small girl. 150cm or less and very light, easy spinner.

    What I like a lot about this girl (other than her size) is her face. She reminds me of an Asian elf and I reckon she looks like Daenerys from Game of Thrones. Just wish I was like the hulking Aqua man who gets to pound her!

    Still at the end of a cold so didnít want to kiss her too much, so not much to report here.

    As I found out at n5m her skills have improved heaps from the innocent girl I fucked at 5star. Her tiny hands worked their magic cleaning my cock in the shower and got me rock hard in no time. BBBJ was great too. The pressure is just right and she doesnít rush it like many young girls do... slow and sensual.

    On the bed with some cat bathing and the sounds she makes... gawd! Even though I know itís a bit of FOAM, her moaning sounds really work for me. Not too loud. Soft and subtle... actually sheís been like this since I first met her over a year ago. BBBJ good too, her tongue is so warm, but no chance of DT... only 3/4 on a push.

    This is probably the 6th time Iíve been with this tiny thing but now finally with a ceiling mirror, for the first time I could really take stock of how small she is. Iím not a big guy but watching her move around my body was like watching a strange mythical nymph in motion. Her waist (even though she is a bit bigger then when I first met her) are like the width of my thighs. I never ever feel or look like a big guy, but looking at the reflection I felt physically huge and here in lies the magic...

    She is probably one of the smallest in the industry right now and itís her size that makes her popular, cos she will make many guys feel powerful, like Ďthe man.í

    Loads different from when I first sampled her a year and 3 months ago (she confirmed this with me later). That first time, doggy was off the table and I had to stop halfway through missionary and go easy. Since then each re-visit has been better and better until the last time at n5m where I seriously just went for it and pounded her like crazy.

    Today was same, same but different...

    Cowgirl wasnít all the way down... and I could feel her pull away a bit when I sat up to get in a bit deeper. I know I was bigger today then usual though (you guys know it... when you havenít punted or even jerked off in a while), cock felt like rock and busting out of itís skin!

    Missionary was similar. She used her legs to keep me from going excessively deep. Sheís so small that her head just disappears below your shoulders... awesome.

    Doggy... thank god she didnít mind, but she put her arse at an angle to limit depth again. After a while I decided to give it a go and I positioned myself to the side by moving my right leg outside of hers and went for it.

    She actually bucked in pain though with a mini-scream. I got pretty concerned and asked if I should stop but she said she was okay. Could feel some shrinkage kicking in now. There is a line with fucking a girl in terms of pain thresholds and it turns me off when I cross I upped the rhythm and slowly lay down on her to feel her arse cheeks tighten around my cock. Nice and warm....

    A bit of pumping and I was over the line.

    Quite tired from all the work there... so dozed off until the shower then we chatted like a couple of old mates about TV shows (coincidentally she is a major Game of Thrones fan). It was a great Ďcatchupí if you can call it that. She did tell me that she doesnít mind bigger (thicker) cocks but longer ones can be painful. If only she didnít turn me on sooo much! Heheh....

    Overall a great re-visit. She is definitely a regular for me in the future. We just click...
    Well for me we do. I hope she feels the same.

    Happy Punting.

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    Nice review BigDipper,

    Deer has always had lots of great reviews. A top performer.
    Is it a bird, is it a plane, no its Punterman. Always seeking out good value bbbj, DFK, DATY for $150 hr in the Western Sydney brothels.

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    Nice one bro.
    Deer is hot as fuck, and she knows how to fuck. I concur entirely.
    Except about GOT, I cant get into that fantasy shit.
    I am yet to find a WL that can discuss the workings of DMT, parallel universe theories, simulation theory or anyone to talk about the Annunaki with.

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    Definitely ymmv. Sheís up there for me. Even if she wasnít as petite, something about her look gets me going, cos Iím usually into the super skinny.

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