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Thread: Lisa the humble and beautiful

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    Lisa the humble and beautiful

    This week, I was staying with my friend at Granville so I decided to go check out 7 Cowper. it was my first time there so I was not sure which girl to choose but I read good reviews about Lisa on this Forum so decided to go with her as she was available on Monday.

    I was pleasantly surprised by her beautiful face and smile. she is without the doubt the best looking girl in the shop. I was even more surprised with her pleasant attitude and willingness to please all the request I made to her. she gave an excellent blowjob and we also had sex in multiple positions without any complains from her side. she was even willing to ride me straight for 10 minutes when I was tired after the first shot.

    she is without doubt the best experience for me in a while and I am very active person and looking for new girls every week so I will definitely recommend this girl if your visiting 7 Cowper. my score is 9/10 for her.

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    Thank you for your review today we have beautiful beautiful girls booking welcome

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