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Thread: Missy Escorts - Fiona - St Leonards - Private

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    Missy Escorts - Fiona - St Leonards - Private

    Person's Name : Fiona

    Establishment : Missy Escorts - Private

    Date of Visit : Aug 2018, afternoon session

    Contact Details/Address/Weblink : Wechat: prettyella88. Message Ella for address.

    Phone : 0406 608 418

    Hours of Business : N/A - ask Ella

    Rates : $250/hr

    Age : Early 20s

    Size/shape : size 6 / 7, skinny, Natural C cups

    Nationality or Ethnicity : Taiwan

    Services Provided : Light kisses, DATY (very responsive), FS, Massage

    Value for money/recommend? : Yes

    My experience/comments :

    Was just looking through my wechat feeds the other day when suddenly a message from Missy AKA Ella popped up. Said a friend from Taiwan is in Sydney studying and will be working with her. Saw a photo in her wechat feed, body looks good, pretty face (half hidden by the smiley face icon). Feeling horny and haven't punted for a while decided to take up Ella's offer. Replied her that I will see Fiona the next day for an afternoon session.

    Address provided. Located in St Leonards, 5min walk from train station according to google maps. Easy comms via wechat with Ella.

    The next day.......

    Fiona greeted me at the door, there stood a pretty girl wearing a black dress, about 165CM (could be taller, am not good with measurements), long long hair and a beautiful warm smile. Gave her a hug and was lead to her room. Just before entering the room, saw Ella seated at the couch -greeted her with a hug and kiss on her cheek (wish it was the other cheek :P). Now pondering if I should have done Ella instead, or if she wanted to join the session. But decided to just see Fiona. Into the room we go! Room has its own ensuite, great! More privacy! Comparing to when I saw Ella in North Ryde. Keep thinking I might see other bros. But today seems like I was the only punter in the unit

    Door closed, Fiona gave me a hug. I started to run my hand all over her body, very smooth skin. Gave her a kiss, tried to french kiss">DFK, but said she only allow light kisses - no problem, not here for kisses anyways. Explored her body for the next few minutes, found that her boobies are soft, feels very natural. Got me excited! Finally Fiona whispers for me to go shower, went alone as she already had one.

    Came out of the shower and saw Fiona already on the bed with a towel wrapped around her body lying down waiting for me. Jumped onto the bed, started with light kisses, removed the towel and exposing her skinny body. WOW! love her Boobies!! Natural C, soft! Put my face in between her boobs, heavenly so SOFT! she was giggling at this stage thinking I am weird to do that. Just a note, she has a scar near her belly button, which didn't bother me. More light kisses, at times did french kiss">DFK which she didn't mind, possible she was getting warmed up. She than pushes me on my back and started her cat bath, went up and down not doing anything to little bro yet, keep me aroused and getting little bro up and hard. Finally she took little bro into her mouth, her BBBJ is decent. She likes to suck on the tip mainly and at times go all the way down. Signaled her I want 69. she has a nice pussy, looks tight, and already could feel that it was moist. DATY on her was great, smells good, taste good yummy yummy!. She gives off soft moans, not fake moans and enjoying it. Feeling that she deserved a good DATY, positioned her to lie on her back and started to eat her properly. She is moaning a little louder - suddenly heard the TV volume turn up...hmm was Fiona really moaning that loud? Forgot to ask Ella before I left. I kept eating Fiona's pussy, I push her legs hard on to her body, this exposing and giving me a clear view of her love tunnel. Kept eating her until I could feel that she was resisting, breathing heavily till she orgasm (body squirming/wriggling). Her body was trembling and the sweet nectar I could taste. Phew! that was hard work!

    Finally the main event, signaled her that I wanted more BBBJ before fucking. This time she was taking little bro all in, had to stop her before I shot my load. Fiona dommed me up, she applied lube before lowing herself in CG. In little bro goes, wow!! tight and warm! Fiona is a good rider, rides me well. Feel that she was getting a little tired so asked her to change position. Did her in mish and doggie. Doggie was the highlight as she was enjoying looking at the mirror while fucking her. Moans are genuine and said she is enjoying the session. I had to stop/slow down to stop me from shooting my load early. Kept going at this for another 10min or so, changed back to mish. Positioned her legs over my shoulder and banged her hard and deep, finally shot my load into her. She allowed me to keep little bro in her till my excitement finished. Took little bro out, so much cum in the bag (guess this was a few weeks of not punting hahaha). looking at the clock (my phone), we had about 20min left.

    We lay down catching our breaths and just general chit chatting, well trying to - as Fiona is studying english for a month only found it hard to communicate. But with my broken Chinese we had a sorta decent chat hahahaahaha and lots of laughter. she gave me a massage for the remaining time than it was time to shower and leave. Overall the session with Fiona was good, enjoyed my time with a young Taiwanese girl. Ella mentioned that Fiona will be working for a limited time only. Happy punting bros!

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    Thanks for the review. Good to see missy back in the north shore

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    is the price for fiona and ella different?

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    Missy/Ella is working as 'Fendi' at Chatswood 60. she's only there 2-3 days per week.

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    Thanks for sharing bro.. is Fiona working everyday?

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    Would it be Herbert St BTW ?

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    I messaged a few days ago but no reply. Anyone had any luck?

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    Nah bra.. Fiona is at a escort place in Rhodes. Think ya confuse the two.

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    Thanks Bra, maybe the Thread Title threw me................

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