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Thread: CORAL - The Perfect Nuru Experience

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    CORAL - The Perfect Nuru Experience

    Coral is a pleasant looking Chinese girl with impeccable large and natural breasts. Couple that with her ability given a wet room and Nuru gel and you have an amazing sex experience.

    I met Coral yesterday morning and she had me hard as she laid herself down on my back and gave an outstanding body slide. I was impatient though and waiting for the command of "turn over please". When I finally heard this and complied Coral basically concentrated on my cock, first Spanish and then oral. She was throwing my balls around in her mouth like plums then jumping down on the shaft with her mouth.

    Coral asked "Do you want to fuck me here?" and I said "Absolutely!" She decamped to retrieve a condom and then we fucked doggy and mish on the blow up bed. As we fucked she directed the flow on water to where the action was. It was like a pulsating fountain of sex- definitely a first time moment for me and very memorable.

    To the bed and Coral has a very edible and bald pussy- through my persistence I was able to make her cum. I was rewarded for my achievement to say the least. Coral was a very hesitant kisser so beware but by the end her tongue was truly out.

    The girls at 244 are always naughty and great value! I've never had a dud!

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    Thanks for the review Coral is one of my favourites have a Korean girl ChaCha starting this week who I think everyone will like


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    coral nuru queen back today

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    cum and join her today

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    She is here now

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    Sweet coral here today

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    The Nuru queen is here

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    Coral part of our Wednesday team tomorrow
    Wednesday girls are a top notch team

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    Nuru princess here today

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    sexy nuru queen

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    Cora our nuru queen the expert of slipping and sliding and sometimes slurping

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    join coral today

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    sweet perfection is our coral

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    Coral nuru queen here today

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    Great nuru girl nuru enables powerful sexual releases a nuru
    slide is good for your health

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    our nuru girl is good for the soul

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    Waiting to play nuru

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    great nuru girl

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    Sunday sex and nuru what a combination

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    Nuru is good for all parts of the body

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