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Thread: ChaCha - she got me over the line twice..... AND got the DT going. Incredible!

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    ChaCha - she got me over the line twice..... AND got the DT going. Incredible!

    Back to work from holidays has reduced my punting down to one day again. Booooo! Why couldn't I be like the bloke from Bankstown who won 50 million?? I suppose you gotta buy a ticket first. Imagine it though.... with Brothelcreepers last estimate of close to 30k in the year, you would only need 1.2 million to punt at that rate for 40 years. Dreams are free I suppose.

    But back to the review.... my one day to punt day. I woke up, had a browse through the rosters and saw ChaCha was working. I was well stoked, as she had only been on the roster Friday and Wednesday. I shot a quick message to Angela, and then made a booking. It's been a pleasure dealing with her, super friendly and makes you feel like a valued customer. From the very first contact, I have always felt appreciated.

    A quick stroll from Central station, up the grand black stairs and I was led straight to the room. Room 1 is fucking glorious. So spacious, the bed is soft and elegant, the shower is equipped for an uber nuru session. But I have a problem. I am too tall!! If anyone out the wants to take 15cm of my height, I will gladly take 15cm of your shortness. I began to derobe, and ChaCha walked in.

    She was wearing a black negligee, with blood red bra and g. From the outset, she was really really friendly. As someone who is abit shy initially, her energy and friendly manner put me at absolute ease. She has A cups with an ass to grab hold of and ride home. She is by no means fat or chubby. Thicc for a Korean. And she has a beautiful pussy... oh my god, small clit and just looks so clean and tidy. I'm not big on huge meatflaps, and I loved the look of her tight little pussy. She was absolutely intrigued by my piercings, she had never seen anyone with a labret, let alone a double tongue. She straight away DFK'd me to get a taste, and giggled as she then led me to the shower. The chit chat continued throughout the shower. She cleaned my body well. When she was cleaning my cock, balls and ass, she gave me abit of catbath by sucking my nips. I dont normally get down with that, but her technique got me rock hard. I got to play with her soaped up perky tits, which was a pleasure. She dropped to her knees and gave a little taste of her bbbj skills. She got about halfway down and apologized for her lack of DT. She underestimated herself early on..... she was destined for great things.

    Out of the shower, and onto the bed. She started at the head, and worked her way down to the balls and spread my legs to get her tongue all over my perineum. She has a big tongue man. It was awesome getting her warm mouth all over my balls ( this would come to be a highlight). She then worked her way up to my turgid dong and proceeded to slowly but surely get the majority of it down her throat. 90% I would estimate. It was pretty much on point. It's a rare occasion that a lady can DT, so she really did well. As I am an absolute bbbj critic, i would only say to give more solid hj action. But that's just me. So yeah, she got down REALLY deep. I was holding back then she began sniffing and looking at me with watery eyes. I fucking love that. So hot.

    "You want to fuck??" Fuck yeah I wanna fuck! Before she got on with the dom, she gave an awesome pussy slide. Such a fucking tease.... it is a service I am familiar with at one upper end shop. She sucked the head of my cock with the dom in her mouth, then rolled the dom on. She jumped on top in reverse cowgirl, with only a little saliva to ease me in. Damn! I watched her bounce and grabbed her ass whilst she worked me out. Spun around to cowgirl, and squatted up and down. It was my turn to fuck now, and I spun her around to mish. It was here that I got to see her glorious pussy eating my cock alive. I spread her legs and she raised her ass to get deeper penetration. It was hot in her tiny box. She pulled me in deeper, grabbing my ass to pull me in deep, rocking her body in rhythm with mine. I threw her legs over my shoulders and fucked her deep and hard. I blew in the bag, and she wouldn't let me go. She pulled me in deeper and would not let me pull out until I was floppy. Fuck, that was sex.

    Looked at the clock, it had only been 30 minutes. Damn girl!!

    We sat and talked about Sydney life, kimichi, and the regular things on your first session. She offered me a massage, but I said I wanted to fuck her again. She giggled and said "Ok, you can cum in my mouth if you want?" Yes, yes I do want. Back into the dtbbbj, I didn't think I would getup again, let alone get another shot off. ChaCha got me rock hard again, and I swear she was trying to suck my soul out. "You want to fuck me?" "Fuck yeah!" On with the dom, in the same fashion as before. Straight into mish, I loved watch my cock plowing her beautiful pink pussy. She truly has one of the most beautiful pussies I have seen in ages. I felt my second shot coming, so I pulled out, ripped off the dom, and started jacking off into her eager mouth. I got her lie down, "not on my face please!".... no worries darling, I know the rules. I was tea bagging her when I felt the rush. I jammed my cock in her mouth and she jerked me off to completion. I cried out in joy as she sucked me and milked me absolutely dry. FUCKING DRY! Not one drop came out post. It was the best CIM I have had in a long time. She tried to explain something to me with a mouthful of jizz.... what?? "Too many babies!" Haha, funny. 3 minutes to go... a quick shower and change back. A few juicy details about the industry were spilt. But as for the first time ever, I heard a WL say she really liked her bosses. She told me that she worked for some other shops, but that she was the happiest where she was now. That was really good to hear.

    244. Happy workers, happy customers, and a happy mamasan! Nice to meet Shane too. The trials and tribulations of a brothel owner, I wouldn't have the patience!! But it was good to have a chat, and meet the man himself.

    How good are my shoes, hahahaha!

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    Great review, Hu6e!

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    Great review mate and I do like the shoes
    ChaCha is great

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    She also can be demure

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    Nice review Hu6e,

    ChaCha has some amazing skills but best of all, she is a lovely girl who goes the extra mile to please.

    One of Paddo's best.
    Is it a bird, is it a plane, no its Punterman. Always seeking out good value bbbj, DFK, DATY for $150 hr in the Western Sydney brothels.

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    Thanks BC

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    Book early for ChaCha

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    she here today book now

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    book early and play with this girl

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    Book for ChaCha tomorrow

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    ChaCha leads the team today
    Wednesday girls a very succulent group

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    here till late tonight enjoy

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    Cha Cha here today

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    Our Korean princess is here today

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    ChaCha hooker of the team today
    Seventh day of the week seven girls to end your week

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    Your picture on WeChat of Chacha is a Korean pop star called Park Hanbyul


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    Chacha and Park Hanbyul look exactly the same..

    ....from atop of a building

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    Cha Cha here tomorrow play with this girl

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    ChaCha Leads the Wednesday team

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    ChaCha here today please book early book long

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