Iíve been wanting to find my way to 244 for a while now and finally decided to try it today. I dropped Shane a line to see who he might suggest from todayís roster and ended up booking Beth. I was keen to see ChaCha but unfortunately, she wasnít working today.

It wasnít hard finding my way to Paddington and 244 is in the main thoroughfare so it was easy to find.

I had a chat with the manager, Angela who took me up to room number 1. Now that is a generously sized room! A couple of minutes later, Beth entered. I was a little surprised as I could actually see the resemblance to her photos. Beth looks over 170cm with a long statuesque figure with impressive C cup breasts.

I donít know why I had the impression she was Korean but as soon as she opened her mouth, it was obvious she was Chinese.

We started in the shower where I got to experience her nuru skills. Itís quite enjoyable when the girl knows what she is doing. After about fifteen minutes of massage, she started giving me a bbbj. Beth has an aggressive technique which is quite PSE. We retired to the bed for more bbbj and ball sucking.i didnít really want to get out of the shower area as I was feeling incredibly relaxed from the hot nuru massage.

All I wanted to do was lie there and do absolutely nothing so I let Beth do all the work. Even after she rolled the condom on, I just wanted to lie there and let her do all the work! After some fifteen minutes, I think she got tired of the lazy bastard who was half 😴

She got me to change position into a missionary. I got started and I was thinking of cim but I was too lazy so just finished in that position.

Beth is a great girl and is definitely worth seeing for anyone who has been wondering about seeing her.

I felt very relaxed when leaving. I got to go back for another nuru experience soon! Angela wanted to introduce me to some of the other girls but they were all in bookings.

My first visit to 244 but it absolutely wonít be my last. Very relaxed and more personal style compared to the shops I usually visit which tend to be all business.

Thanks Shane!