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Thread: Diane - good Massage & good personality

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    Diane - good Massage & good personality

    Date : 15 September 2018
    Time : 01.45 PM
    Place : Sydney Baby Massage
    Address : 18 Hargrave St., Darlinghurst
    ML Name : Diane
    Nationality : Thai
    Price : $120 (all-in, plus $20 tip to the girl)
    Return factor : YESSS, definitely will comeback again!


    Hey folks, how are you? I've been so busy at work, made me very tired, and don't have time to go to massage. Luckily, yesterday I have a time to relax, so I decided to go to massage place. But as I'm a family man, I'm always looking for a place in discreet area.

    Checking in this forum, damn, there are so many places that I want to try, but they are not in discreet area.

    After I read some, I've found a place called Sydney Baby Massage, and I checked in google maps, looked like this place is in discreet area.

    So I checked their WeChat, text to the mamasan, and I tried Diane as they've said she's a D cup girl.

    Made a booking for 2pm, and I drove to city. Been long time not going to city, went there around 1pm, and took me almost 30 minutes to find parking. After I got parking near town Hyde park, I walked to Hargrave st. and when I arrived in front of the massage place, I'm so glad that this place is totally discreet, not many people walking in there. And I parked a bit far coz I don't want anyone that I knew caught me. Lol. I always play safe. 😂


    After arrived in their place, it said on the door: come in straight or ring the bell if locked.

    Apparently they locked the door, I rang them. The mamasan opened the door and greeted me. I told her that I made a booking with Diane. Paid $120 to mamasan. Coz I came a bit early, she asked me to sit down in partition room and wait a couple minutes. It's good as no customer saw you coming, and it's good too that they have a free wifi to kill sometime while you wait.

    After couple minutes, Diane turned up and take my hand to go to the massage room. She's wearing black tight mini skirt, I can see her fun bags almost popped up. My cock straight woke up to see that.


    Inside the room, Diane introduces herself and asked my name too and where do I came from, how long I've been in Australia, and other introductory questions,

    And then she asked me did I ever came to this place or not. I told her this is my first time in Sydney Baby Massage. And she said again : don't worry baby, I will take care of you.

    She said that she wants to give me massage first before part 2. But because of I'm too horny already, I asked her if I can get part 2 first as I want to see her naked from first minutes.

    She said fine and she took off all her black mini skirt. When she took of her bra, her fun bags only in C cup (in my opinion). But still fine for me.

    Diane is a very good massage lady, we have lots of conversation and I'm so happy as I got great GFE from her.

    As soon as she took off her bra, I just played it straight. She's laughing, I said to her, I came to this place not looking for massage first. I'm looking for fun bags.

    She asked me to lay down, she gave me sensual touching which I love it, and surprisingly, she gave me a cat bath while her hands playing with my cock.

    I asked her if she's open minded, she said she's ok with CBJ, and I need to pay another $50. I asked her how about BBBJ, she refused it nicely, and I refused the CBJ too as I think I can get all extras in FS for $150-$170.

    She continued to play with my cock, stroking nicely, while I suck her fun bags, I fingered her pussy too, and she's fully shaved. Unfortunately she doesn't do FS as I would like to pay more if she wants to do it.

    After around 20-25 minutes, I blew all of my loads and it's a lot. She's laughing again, and she said : I think I knew why you've a bit hard to blow, you must be jerking yourself often right? I said yes. After a bit rest, she continued massage me with fully naked. Loved to see her fun bags dangling around in the mirror. I kept touching and playing her assets while she massaged me.

    We have lots of chat until the time buzzed. She said that she was a student and only 2 years in Sydney. She ever worked in Rockdale before she moved to city. She said it's too far from her coz she lived in city. She's totally good and we laughed a lot.

    ENDING :

    After the bell buzzed, she rubs all my body with hot towel, and told me if I want to take shower, I can do it in outside the room which I didn't take it. And she said I'm happy coz youre a genuine customer, I asked her what do you mean, she said there are some customers that came for massage but in the end they stole their underwear and bra. I was like WTF??? And she said yes, one of her customer before in Rockdale was stealing her underwear.

    After finished everything, normally I didn't tip the girl. But with Diane, I tipped her $20. And she gave last hugs and told me see you next time. But she told me too that she's only working Saturdays.


    Came outside the room and greeted again by mamasan and she asked how she's doing, I said to her she's a definitely a good one to keep customer come back. Mamasan said thank you and I went out, back walking to my car.

    RESULT :
    Diane is a really good ML, and she told me for BBBJ, maybe she want to do it if we meet again, she gave a good massage. Will come back again if I have another time.

    That's my AR, guys! Hope you enjoy reading it. See you next time.

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    Thanks! Great review

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