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Thread: Tiffany, amazing inside and out

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    Tiffany, amazing inside and out

    Marrickville 5

    5 Gerald St Marrickville

    02 9519 9009 / 0417 888 123

    Sex Worker's Name: Tiffany

    Session Month: October 23rd 2018

    Advertised Hourly Rate: $380 90 mins Diamond

    Estimated Age: 23 when asked

    Estimated Ethnic Group: Chinese

    Hair Colour/Length: Dark brown/black and Above shoulders.

    Eyes Colour: brown.

    Height: approx 170cm

    Body Shape: Some curves and pretty fit with superb DD's.

    Kissing Available: dfk (diamond)

    Blowjob: BBBJ (diamond)

    DATY: Yes (diamond)

    Overall Looks: Her pictures are legit, her face is stunning and those lips *bites fist*

    Overall Personality: Sweet, caring and friendly.

    Overall Performance: GFE all the way.

    Note - I removed some detailed listing from above which seemed unneeded like State and year.

    Have been wanting check out Casey at 42 as she was a great punt of mine sometime ago but she starts to late for it to work for me.I was looking at the wechat of both 42 and 5 and I have been eyeing off Tiffany at 5 for sometime, I saw that she was working today so I made and booking and headed over.

    Before I left I took a Kamagra jelly in anticipation and couldn't wait to see how it would work for me with her. I arrived and was ushered to a room where I was given the option to see Tiffany or a line up, I opt'd for a line up. Hammy was the first in and boy is she a hottie, she was fine AF!.

    Tiffany was 3rd or 4th and I was like "yep, its her" her tits where pouring out of her black dress and I couldn't wait to give them a squeeze and taste. Paid $380 for 90 mins of Diamond because I wanted to take my time and enjoy the deliciousness that is Tiffany.

    Not long after she walk in, she soon undresses herself and those tits.. wow!, big, juicy and natural DD's with brown nipples begging to be sucked. In the shower I couldn't help but touch and squeeze them, I went in for some DFK and it was intense. It got me hard as a rock (thanks Kamagra for the help) and she commented on my penis "saying oh my..".

    She dried me off which was a nice thing and It was straight into DFK for a solid 5 mins on the bed, I then started sucking on her, some of the best I have seen hands down. I asked her to turn around for some 69 as I wanted to enjoy her honey pot, it was shaved with little hair and smelled and tasted beautiful. 69 went on for around 10 mins and her BJ was excellent. Not long after I motioned that I was ready, she applied the condom and into cow girl.

    She was quiet tight, seeing her going up and down with her tits bouncing all over the place was a awesome sight and it felt great, soon after I felt that I was going to cum but didn't end up doing so. She was very apologetic thanks to the translator on her phone. She kept on insisting that we try again and went for more BBBJ which was excellent with a lot of spit and not once did she use a tissue like some, I was hard again in no time and was so close to cumming but didn't in the end.

    Again she kept on insisting that we keep on trying but I was spent and asked her to take a rest next to me and see the last 20 mins finish. She offered a massage which was actually decent and one of the better ones I have had from the ladies I have seen most recently.

    Due to a medical condition I have at times it can be hard to cum even though I feel I'm on the verge, that's life.. At the very least I got to stay with a beautiful women inside and out.

    Thank you 5 Marrickville, please thank Tiffany for me.

    I would return to Tiffany no problems at all, I would like to see hammy as well, she looks better then her pics.
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    Been there a few times over a sizeable time frame, it's gotten really amazing recently. Saw Hammy from a lineup last I went, damn, her pictures don't do her justice, she's slim yet slightly curvy, gorgeous smile, cool tattoo down there, and wow did she get into it. The moaning was sometimes real, sometimes exaggerated, but boy does she make you feel desired.
    I've been wanting to see Jen for ages now, but there's barely any information on the website/WeChat, just one angled-face photo, and no reviews in sight. I just want to make sure, as the first few times I went (long before renovation and new management), the photos were waaaay off and their attitude was generally unpleasant. One bad apple spoils the bunch, ya know.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Marrickvill_5 View Post
    Tiffany is back !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Is this Tiffany a very busty girl ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Marrickvill_5 View Post
    yes that's the one!!! busty one!!!
    Hi there M5,

    Please check your PM .

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    Are her boobs natural?

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    Sounds enticing, thanks

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