Person's Name : Katy

Establishment : Hotel

Date of Visit : 16/01/2019

Contact Details/Address/Weblink : cell - 0449778510, wechat - xixiaojun2

Hours of Business : AM to PM

Rates : $380 for 1 hr, $650 for 2 hrs

Age : mid 20's

Size/shape : 5ft. slender + petite

Nationality or Ethnicity : Chinese

Services Provided : BBBJ, FS

Value for money/recommend? : yes

My experience/comments :
Had a night off during my business trip to Melbourne, and I decided to message Katy for a one hour meetup. I have met her before while she was touring in Brisbane, and I even wrote about her here.

Due to the great pleasure of our last meeting, I was excited to see her. I rocked up to her place in the city, and I was greeted by a warm smile. We hugged and tried to catch up a little before we headed to the showers. I asked if we could mix it up a bit, and she promptly went to the freezer and took out a couple of ice cubes. Fire and ice! It was very nice! The BBBJ was very intense, and I almost blew my load in her mouth. (I didn't, because I wasn't sure whether it was going to cost me extra. Next time, I might ask.)

We proceeded to have sex in a variety of positions before I came. We talked a bit while she gave me a back massage. She is a tennis fan, so she has been following the action closely. She also said that business has been tough and she is now seeing non-Asian customers as well. We then proceeded to fuck till time was up.

My verdict remains the same. I think she is a great Asian WL. The price is higher than average for an Asian, but you save yourself from the risk of a shitty punt.