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Thread: World record 9 orgasms in 40 minutes. Mimi A1 West Relaxation Centre, St Marys

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    World record 9 orgasms in 40 minutes. Mimi A1 West Relaxation Centre, St Marys

    Mimi is a big busty Chinese lady in her 40's, statuesque, Amazonian type body, large enhanced F cup breasts, fully shaved and tight pussy and boy does Mimi like to orgasm.

    I have not seen her for a few weeks so I messaged her today to see if she was available and after a nice motorcycle ride in the countryside I arrived at the shop and paid the princely sum of $120hr to see her.

    A1 Relaxation Centre in St Mary's is not a discrete shop. It is in a small shopping centre with lots of people doing their groceries looking at you as you enter and exit. Luckily it is a long way from home so there is not too much chance that I would know anybody there. The place is a dive with a capital D.

    Mimi was waiting at the front door with a smile on her face as I had just wechatted her to say that I had arrived and had parked my motorcycle in the car park. Paid the old Chinese dude who runs the place $120 and up to the room. It was a hot day today but the room was nice and cold with the air con up full blast.

    I shower and Mimi undresses. She has a great body, Amazonian like figure, strong with huge, huge knockers. She knows me very well now and she deep kisses me after I come out of the shower and plays with my cock. She is always amused with the size of it and she was slapping it around as it got erect and laughing.

    Each time I see Mimi she furiously masturbates herself to several orgasms as we fuck. She is not a shy girl with me. She knows that I am going to fuck and lick her to several orgasms and she willingly assists to get as many orgasms out as she can in the one hour that we spend together. Today as we started she whispered "let's break the world record" and I accepted the challenge.

    Within 1 minute of hopping out of the shower Mimi was naked on the bed, legs apart and I was licking her beautiful fully shaved maple syrup pussy as I kneeled on the floor at the edge of the bed. She is a wet girl and her pussy is fantastic. After a good lick I plunged into her in mish and held my rock hard cock inside her against her clit and Mimi furiously masturbates herself to the first orgasm which comes within 1-2 minutes. She cums hard, fucking hard. As the orgasm subsides I DFK her and suck her massive melons and fuck her hard whilst she again masturbates herself to orgasm number 2. She shudders and shakes in pleasure.

    I lie next to her, lift both her legs in the air and enter her wet syrupy pussy and this time I masturbate her clit to orgasm number 3 as I deep fuck her from the side. I am squeezing her huge tits and putting my finger in her mouth. I fuck her deep and she orgasms again but this time as she orgasms she squirts hot juice all over my cock as she is also a squirter. Hot, watery liquid floods over my erection and I love the feeling as her juices run all over my cock.

    We fuck mostly in mish and side mish and after each orgasm we have a small break, kiss, breast fondle and cuddle and then I plunge my rock hard cock into that warm love hole and fuck her hard and fast and deep whilst either I or Mimi masturbates her clit to orgasm.

    After 40 minutes I can't take it anymore and I cum all over her chest and wipe the cream deep into her skin. She is laughing and giggling and counts on her fingers 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8.....9. 9 orgasms in just 40 minutes......and hers are HARD orgasms. She spasms and scrunches up her face as they flood through her body and she thrashes around. This turns me on even more and as each orgasm floods through her body I either fuck her faster, lick her clit harder or finger her harder as she explodes in pleasure.

    Fucking Mimi is a pornstar orgasmatron experience. I fucking love it.

    We are both fucked so we shower and Mimi gives me a nice massage. I laugh and say that she won the competition 9-1.

    Probably not a world record but I have only met a few girls that can cum and cum and cum non stop without tiring and Mimi is up there with the best. Incidentally one of the other ones was called Mimi as well and she was also very, very busty and Mongolian Chinese. She was a regular of mine for 9 years.

    Orgasmatron 9-1.
    Is it a bird, is it a plane, no its Punterman. Always seeking out good value bbbj, DFK, DATY for $150 hr in the Western Sydney brothels.

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    lol okay bro......

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