Person name: Jessie

Shop: Natural Massage

Date: April 2019

Address 91 James St, Northbridge Chinatown Perth

Rate: massage only $40/30 min , $50 tip for HJ (yes, I know, that’s just the way it is !!)

Body age: mid 30’s quite pretty, size 4, petite

Value for money: OK and I suppose if you are in Perth, that’s the price you pay


Just a quick review , dash out during lunch , taxi to Northbridge and head to one massage shop on the ground floor a few doors up from this one (saw them last night when I had dinner across the road) looks every bit a RnT from outside but as I walked in saw a guy sitting behind the counter, couldn’t be bothered to ask, turn around and walk, went to this shop and it looks very doggy, walk up a long flights of narrow stairs, every bit of a sleazy FS joint look, counter at top of the stairs , a matured pretty woman behind the counter, fully made up and quite pretty , could be the mamasan so I ask how much is the massage, she show me the price list, minimum 30 min is $40

I whisper to her in Mandarins can I have a shooting the airplane she said ok, how much? $50, take clothes off, boss don’t allow, are you serving me? Yes! Well, I don’t have time to shop around and she looks like an experienced ML and even though no nude, only small tits anyway , I might as well.

So hand over the $40 and she shows me to a room.

Ask to use the bathroom, an older Aussie guy just came out, he looks happy enough, we gave a polite smile to one another, as punters should I suppose, did my thing and went back to the room, room is basic, no disposable table cover but it’s a fresh towel as I saw Jessie finish changing it , well , I’m not laying on my stomach over it ! Got naked and handed the tip to Jessie, she smiled and ask if I like to have the HJ first ( with a hand signal) or some massage , I said no time just play, so she placed the pillow over where the head hole is where she already put a cover sheet with a cut out over it so I took that out and place it over thd pillow and I pull some more tissue paper and covered thd pillow, she said you are very clean, I said I hope you are clean too? She said of course.

As I lay face up, she asked if I like she to get naked , then stressed again , no make love (and with one hand making a hole and the other hand thd index finger screwing it, so funny, I suppose she did that regular for the Aussie clients so even when I was speaking mandarin to she, she made thd hand signals any way. I said don’t worry, just shoot me slowly !

So there I was , my first RnT in Perth, legs wide open and Jessie starts to caress my groins area, my balls and inner thighs, she knows we have 30 min for that she taking it really slow and I like that.

We having a chat and I said in Sydney most place I can get fully nude with b2b and hj for $50, hj only for $20, she said Perth more expensive. I ask if she has move Chinese customers or Aussie guys, majority are white people, I suppose if you are Chinese and live in Perth, you probably won’t want to be seen walking up this shop. Do most people have a hj, yes, so your tips should be pretty good, yes, better than Sydney ! So you worked in Sydney , long time ago.

You want some oil? Yes please!

So things got a bit more sensual and intimate when my private area are more slippery, Jessie started to finger rimming just a touch , nothing in, just on the rim and more sliding than inserting, I like that and stood up to full attention, you are very hard 你好硬喔! - as they all said!

You are very good ! I have been doing this here for two years. You must have shoot down a lot of airplanes ! And we laughed, as the rapport was obviously there, I sort of test the water and put my right hand on her waist and then squeeze her tight butt a bit , no complaints of backing off so my hand just stay there and play a little bit, ever so gently.

In the next 10 min, just enjoying Jessie’s hands and almost got there so I ask her to slow down a touch and promise her I cum very quick when it’s time.

Another 10 min of more of the same and I was enjoying myself and the slow build up, 5 min to go so I said I am ready, Jessie increase the tempo a bit and I put my left hand over her top and gave her tits a squeeze. All I could feel is the bra and the padding, just as well I didn’t pay for nude, it would have been a nothing nude !

As I was squeezing her small tits with one hand and her butt with the other, she was working hard to get me over the line, as there was no visual stimulation I started to help by fucking her hands and 15 second later achieved a 12 inches shot , and just the one ! Not my best performance but hey, what do you expect from a tits man when there ain’t no tits in sight ?

Jessie slow down a bit but continue slowly for another minute before letting go, we thank each other and she ask if I like a hot towel, I said no need and she just clean me up with dry tissues. I got up and get my own pack of wet wipes out to clean myself, Jessie was impressed that I got everything !

I joked and said if you like to fuck I have Condom too (just lies!) and she said no no, the boss will fire me !

As I was departing, there was another much younger girl standing on reception, early 20’s quite pretty and short hair, other brothers might like but no tits too so I couldn’t be asking her name, I won’t have time to visit again anyway .

Got a card so that I can post this review and got a taxi back to work, so all up, $90 for the session, $30 taxi and no tits! Bloody hell!

I wanted to post this in Private to protect the girls a bit as she seems quite scare if the boss find out, but then again who is she kidding? Every customers got a hj anyway , right ?

That’s all folks !