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Thread: Vicky – Best GFE you can get! And a very beautiful face

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    Vicky – Best GFE you can get! And a very beautiful face

    Name: Vicky
    Establishment: Paddington 244
    Date of Visit: 27/04/2019
    Age: Early to Mid 20s
    Nationality: Chinese
    Value for Money: Absolutely

    It has been a while since my last visit to 244. Since I can squeeze some time out, I sent a text to the shop to ask for recommendation. Ashley replied and saying that I should give Vicky a try, and I am glad that I listened to her.

    As soon as I arrived I was greeted by Ashley, she sat me in the waiting room while Vicky was getting ready. A few minutes later a stunning girl appeared in front of me and my jaw just dropped. Vicky is so beautiful that I can hardly get my eyes off her. Her body is so well balanced and her boobs are just perfectly shaped (C – D cup I estimate).

    Vicky took me to room one and we started with some hugs and light kissing to each other straight the way.

    We then undressed ourselves and Vicky gave me a shower. She is quite attentive and give a nice GFE. Once we are done we headed to the bed and started DKF while both of my hands are busy playing with her tits.

    We kissed for a good couple of minutes and Vicky started to give me a very nice catbath, which turned into a good 10 minutes of fantastic BBBJ. Vicky did not rush for anything. Instead once in a while she would ask me and see how I felt and what I wanted her to do.

    When it was time for the real action, Vicky put the dom up and sat on top of me to start some actions. I noticed that she did not use any lube at all as she was really wet at this point of time.

    We pumped for a while until I cum. Once we are done we just lay next to each other for some rest while we chat along.

    We were chatting about what she used to do in China while I was playing with the nice tits, and I noticed she got wet again, I grabbed the chance and started giving her some fingering until she comes again (with more DFK in between).

    I was a bit tired today otherwise I would go for round 2, but this is already a very good session.

    Time’s up and Vicky led me to shower and cleaned both of us up.

    Got out of the room and had a quick chat to Ashley before I headed home.

    If you are into GFE, then Vicky is the girl that you cannot miss!

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    Great AR Bro billy.
    Vicky sure looks very nice in her pics. I haven't managed to get to this shop yet but it's always been on my radar - just waiting for the stars to align I guess.
    I gather her English is good then if you managed some conversation?

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    thanks billy

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    Thanks for your review Bill, we always have new high quality girls. Looking forward to see you again.

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    Thanks Billy, great work - just curious if u did the nuru session and what that was like?

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    a sultry sexy woman

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    Bro Schloong, I spoke with her in Mandarin, but rest assured, her English is VERY good (to my surprise). I managed to converse with her in English in the beginning until she found out I can speak Mandarin, haha.

    Bro Dodo, I did not have the nuru session yesterday even though I got room 1 (it was kinda cold haha), I had it with Thunder previously and it was bloody good.

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    nuru very relaxing sex

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    a lot of sexual fun

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    sexy Friday tomorrow

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    vicky here tomorrow sunday

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    enjoy Vicki for Sunday sex

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    Sunday autumn sex

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    mot winter yet cum on in

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    a gfe sex queen

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    she loves mondays

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    dragon joins vicki on Tuesday

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    beautiful autumn day for sex

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    great day for sex

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    juicy pussy here today

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