Had the pleasure of having tiffany massage me. I settled for 45 mins for $80 with prostate massage and HJ. She massaged me really well working my knots away. I get really bad inflammation in my back due to sitting long hours at a desk working. (computer programming). Tiffany starts the massage by putting just the right amount of oil on my back. not too much where it becomes super slippery and not too little where there isn't anything at all. She works her way with her arms and hands. When approaching hard knots, she told me to breath in deep as she pushed the knots right out. Im tempted to try the cupping and hot stones next.

She then worked her way down my legs and going over my bum and thighs. She would massage my thighs and casually brush her fingers on the back of my balls and dick. At this point my whole body is covered in oil. She went and got a hot wet towel and wiped my back with it. She then told me to turn over and started to perform her signature prostate massage. She pressed on my abdomen in 3 places then went for my anus. Her fingers went back and forth sending my mind into paradise. She started to stroke my cock at the same time till i exploded all over myself. She then cleaned up everything and started to massage my shoulders and neck as there was still time. She then offered me a hot cup of tea to sooth me. What i love about tiffany is that she tried her best to accomodate me especially with my sore back. Will definitely come back again! Ive tried some of the girls here as well a while back. They were really good too! very strong with their thai massages.