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Thread: Magnificent Maria! Yes Yes Yes!

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    Magnificent Maria! Yes Yes Yes!

    Person's Name : Maria

    Establishment : 244 Paddington

    Date of Visit : 30/05/2019

    Contact Details/Address/Weblink :

    Rates : $180 Paddington VIP -45min

    Age : 30ish maybe

    Size/shape : 162 cm approx, C cup, slim figure

    Nationality or Ethnicity : Chinese (Chengdu, Sichuan Province)

    Language: Chinese (English is not bad but better to use Google translate)

    Services Provided : BBBJ, CFS, LFK, DATY, light ball licking

    Value for money/recommend? Yes

    Im not good at these ARs so I apologise for the basic format Im going to use. Im not gifted with Penthouse Forum writing skills!

    My booking was late (1:00AM) so that played a part I think in Overall experience.

    Looks- I was positively surprised for once. Usually a little let down compared to web photos but Maria looks better in person. Sexiness to her beauty, face is pretty the way she moves and smiles adds to it. Most men would take a second look.

    Body - impressive also. Not sure the website photos do her justice. The photos of her posing on bed in front of mirrors are her. Fit, sexy body.

    Foreplay - Bbbj was good, not very deep, a little toothy. Uses hands well but I can feel she has ability to DT and really rev the motors PSE style but tonight she didnt take it beyond cruising speed, had to coax her for ball licking. Again, perhaps too tired. Kissing only light. Happily spread wide for daty and got very wet and vocal. Loves her tits sucked.

    Sex - very vocal and sensitive in general so the first slide of my cock inside her set off an electric shock style shriek from her. All part of the experience she gives I suppose. Pussy is clean, shaved and tight. Im only average size but Maria was indicating im too long! Haha If that were true, shed be struggling with 80% of customers.

    Again, I think she was tired and a little moody. Cant blame her though. I nodded and kissed her to say okay Ill be gentle. She was never rude and still encouraged me to fuck her as she began grinding harder with her very very wet pussy.

    We had Started in cowgirl so she could control depth, but she is very sexy to me, I was so turned on I needed to release. We switched to face down, one knee up. (Like doing commando crawl) i LOVE this position for the snugness and depth, it hits the G Spot too so the ladies are happy. I slid deep inside her from behind. Wow. She gripped the sheets and looked back at me with wide eyes and said fuck me!! Omg fuck me.

    2-3min Blew hard in dom and collapsed. I wanted to CIM but decided best to finish this way. Perhaps next time when she is fully rested.

    Overall 8/10

    Beautiful amzing girl.

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    thanks great review

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    Shane i miss our chats. I might just leave you off my list.
    The others no mercy.

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    happy to chat

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    Enjoy the sex machine

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    happy fathers day

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    grab some maria today

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    hot sex from maria

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    grab some maria today

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